Barbarian mob attack, hack racehorses with pangas, Fairview racetrack, PE

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Barbarian mob attack, hack racehorses with pangas, Fairview racetrack, PE. Photo: Oorgrens Veiligheid
Barbarian mob attack, hack racehorses with pangas, Fairview racetrack, PE. Photo: Oorgrens Veiligheid

#BLACKWAR – Ex stable employees squatting on racetrack land attacked horses with pangas at the Fairview racetrack in Port Elizabeth on Thursday morning 17 September 2020. One racehorse is dead and several others injured after about 200 residents of a squatter settlement on the grounds stormed the Fairview horse racetrack stables. A spokesperson for the Police later said that the horses ran in all directions whilst the attackers chased, attacked and taunted the horses with weapons like sticks, pangas and stones.

One horse was later found dead about a kilometre further with stab and hacking wounds. Several horses were found severely injured and traumatized and is currently under the care of the Animal Animal Cruelty League.

The black male attackers opened the stables and violently attacked the racing horses with pangas and sticks. The attackers also chased the horses and one can only imagine what terrifying experience it must have been for the poor animals. The attackers are apparently former employees of one of the racehorse owners who acted in solidarity with an employee who stabbed a horse and got fired as a result.

One can only wonder why the attackers were allowed to squat on the racetrack grounds in the first place. Or did they just force their way in as usual?

A spokesperson for the Animal Anti Cruelty League, Beverley Rademeyer, later told the media,”I cannot imagine what must have been going through in their minds as they stood there helpless in their little enclosures while being attacked so viciously and so senselessly. What kind of dispute would lead someone to hurt a defenseless animal who has nothing to do with it?”


This is savage, brutal and barbarian behaviour. And it is typical #TheAfricanWay also. No compassion for animals or humans. Burn, destroy and loot. All they know it seems. We have become so used to it because this seems to be Africa’s norm. What else does Africa stand for, other than violence, looting and destruction? Is creating sh** holes all that Africa does really well?

It is just a manifestation of #BlackWar, the violent and self justified way “our people” are doing things in South Africa. They seem to believe that violence is always justified if they don’t get their way.

The following is an important point and liberals keep on saying it is nonsense and racist. But facts are facts. This type of behaviour is the inevitable result of #TheAfricanWay. This is why we can not mix and live with people whose culture is not the same as us and never will be.

The slow rot, cruelty and decay of the #TheAfricanWay is unstoppable and will be the end of us all sooner or later. #TheAfricanWay can not be reformed and it can not be changed. It is the way Africa works and always will work.

It is how they choose to live and if you point things like this out you are branded a racist by them and liberal media.
The question now will be if liberal media will unequivocally condemn this incident as barbarian or if they will paint the barbarians who did this as victims again.

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SOURCEOpinion by Political Correspondent