Ancestors now also on strike?

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Ancestors now also on strike?
"The gods must be crazy ..." - Image - Die Vryburger

A young witch doctor claims that his life is complicated since his bones fell wrong because the ancestors are on strike.

Xhanti-lamaDlozi ‘Dlozi-boy’ Nkunza (35) left his cave and went to the suburbs after he “qualified” as a witch doctor.

Since leaving, things are not satisfactory. The ancestors gave him, and his 68-year-old common-law wife permission to go to a neighborhood in East London, but now they want him to go back to his cave. He does not like the idea and is rebelling.

Now his ancestors suddenly became silent, and his conclusion is that they are on strike. When he wanted to read the bones, he became dizzy, and they started to appear as “chicken legs.” When he wanted to hold a ceremony, his white goat suddenly dropped dead before he could get started.

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