A new Eden where white families can live ‘safe and independent’

A new Eden where white families can live ‘safe and independent’

The Afrikaners want to live in peace with the rest of the world and help Africa to develop the continent. Strong ties with other communities have been a steady progress, based on mutual respect and trust. While the government has implemented race laws that affect the white minority, not only affecting employment but sports as well, little hope remains for the minority. At one time Orania was seen as a hope for the future of the white minority. A hope that the town will become an independent state for the Afrikaans people. Orania a white’s only town that keeps expanding and is considered a safe environment for people to live. Crime is not a factor, children are educated without protests, and the folk lives in peace.

Now a new settlement for whites only is currently being modelled on the same principle as Orania, on a farm in the town of Willowmore, close to the Western Cape border. The new settlement known as “Die Eden Projek” (the Eden Project) aims to house thousands of white families on a 2300ha farm, where safety and independence can be achieved.

The Eden project is a non-profit company registered in July this year. The area has little infrastructure but a huge amount of water. It is estimated that between 20 000 and 40 000 people can be housed on the available land. The Eden project can expand into a larger whites-only settlement, than the little town of Orania that house approximately 1200 people.

The leader of the Eden project, Jaqui Gradwell administers a Facebook page and will not accept people if they have links to black friends. The Facebook page has 1500 members and growing. Gradwell posts updates regularly and recently stated that 371 plots on a Karoo farm are in planning stages for people of the covenant. This farm is situated in the Saartjie Baartman District of the Eastern Cape.

Gradwell needs contributions and donations, and some of the requests range from building materials, furniture, medical first aid kits, and chickens. The project has captured a significant amount of attention from interested parties, especially the Afrikaans community. It is understandable that people want to get away from crime, corruption and find a safe place to raise a family. Project Eden is a place that will give the security and independence to white people.

There are people who believe, that Gradwell is racist by not wanting other races to live on the property. In reality, it is not a racist plan, considering that, blacks have their own townships, such as Soweto and Alexandra. Taking into account the laws implemented against the minority, Project Eden, like Orania, will become a white township that will quickly grow for people who cannot leave South Africa. Project Eden will become a place where people, who are disillusioned with the African National Congress government, are looking for security and safety will move to.

Orania today, has grown, and white people live and work in that town. A town that has been built by whites only without any help from outsiders. New development is rising; a shopping center and a golf course are new additions. Orania over time has proved that white people can start over and have the security and peace everybody needs.

Now project Eden will develop into a larger town for whites only and it will be an opportunity for the millions of white scattered around squatter camps to return to a place where dignity can be restored. The new Eden project can be a place where freedom from crime, corruption, and unemployment will no longer be a factor.

The ANC government has not taken action against Orania and probably because of the size of the town. However, the ANC does not want the whites to have the pride and dignity that has dwindled throughout the democracy it would cause a calamity. No doubt, the ANC would destroy the Orania and Project Eden if they were threatening the economy and simply because the government cannot have the whites out of their control.

The successful and self-sufficient Orania project is an embarrassment to the ANC. Now the Eden project that can become a successful project for the minority race, will rock the boat once again for the ANC government.

Watch the video, recall the horrific farm murders, the crime, the protests and intimidation against the minority. The complete collapse of infrastructure, the poverty and white squatter camps that has become a reality for many white families. Can project Eden succeed and bring back the dignity of the minority group?

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