170 Years’ in prison for police attempted murder

170 Years’ in prison for police attempted murder
170 Years' in prison for police attempted murder. Image source: Pixabay

The Makhanda High court has sentenced Sanele Mankayi (35) and Bongani Silo (41) to a combined total of 170 years’ in prison for attempting to murder East London K9 Warrant Officer “Swanie” Swanepoel. Each accused will serve an effective 25 and 22 years’ behind bars respectively.

On 23 November 2021, Warrant Officer Pieter Swanepoel while on patrol in East London at Quigney area, encountered a suspicious vehicle. Upon approaching the vehicle he was then met with gunfire that resulted him sustaining an upper body gunshot wound led to permanent disability

The suspects fled the scene but were later arrested by the East London based Serious Organised Crime Investigation team of the Hawks. After several court appearance both accused were convicted and sentenced on 14 February 2024 at Makhanda High court.

The sentence breakdown is as follows:

Sanele Mankayi (35) received 10 years’ imprisonment for robbery with aggravating circumstances and Bongani Silo (41) got 7 years’ imprisonment for theft.
Both received 20 years’ imprisonment for count 2 (attempted murder), 15 years’ for count 3 (attempted murder) and 12 years’ for count 4 and 5 (attempted murder with aggravating circumstances).
Additionally, Mankayi received 10 years’ for count 6 (possession of firearm without licence) and 5 years’ for count 7 (unlawful possession of ammunition) while Silo got 15 years’ for count 8 (unlawful possession of ammunition) and 5 years’ each for count 9 (unlawful possession of ammunition).

The sentence for count 2 (attempted murder), and 9 (unlawful possession of ammunition) will run concurrently with 5 years’ from count 1 (robbery with aggravating circumstances).

In total Sanele Mankayi (35) will serve an effective 25 years’ imprisonment and Bongani Silo (41) will serve 22 years’.

The Provincial Head Major general Mboiki Obed Ngwenya commended the efforts of the East London Serious Organised Crime Investigation team, along with National Procecuting Authority and other law enforcement agencies for securing significant sentences for those who target police officers. He further emphasised that such sentences would act as deterrent to potential offender.

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