E-toll no-pays face millions in fines

E-toll no-pays face millions in fines

Johannesburg – Drivers refusing to pay for e-tolls could be jailed and slapped with penalties of R1000 for each gantry they drive through.

And this, said Justice Project SA’s Howard Dembovsky, would render South Africa a nation with millions of “artificial criminals”.

“Refusal to pay or the non-payment of a toll is in addition subject to a civil penalty of R1000 and may be increased each year. Essentially what is currently looming is a situation where a high volume of people will have to be prosecuted by the NPA on behalf of Sanral. At present 1.3 million people have not paid, meaning they all stand a chance of being prosecuted,” he said.

Addressing the Gauteng e-toll panel discussion on Monday morning, Dembovsky highlighted the dangers of Sanral’s prosecution of non-paying drivers, saying hundreds of thousands of people would be left with criminal records which would be maintained for at least 10 years…

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