Draft Mine Water Policy out for public comment


Draft Mine Water Policy out for public comment
Draft Mine Water Policy out for public comment

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) has gazetted the Draft Mine Water Management Policy for public comments.

The comments are open for a period of 60 days starting from 14th July to 14th September 2017, the department said on Sunday.

The draft policy, which was approved by Cabinet in March, seeks to holds parties potentially liable for negative effects and damages of acid mine drainage, related pollution and any other negative impacts that can be related to it.

The policy also seeks to propose mechanisms that mining houses should explore to better manage their water.

“The finalisation of this policy is to ensure improved water quality management and reduction of water pollution including through Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) and is part of the critical elements of the sustainable socio-economic development path of South Africa.

“The mine water management policy strives to strengthen the protection of water resources from mine water contamination from short to long term,” department spokesperson Sputnik Ratau said.

The department will soon hold consultation workshops in all nine provinces.

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