DP doesn’t have power to establish state capture inquiry


The comedy of South African black politics just goes on and on - image - Front National

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa does not have the powers to establish a judicial commission of inquiry into the alleged state capture, although he supports the call for the inquiry.

This follows an application to the Constitutional court by Afriforum, the Quaker Peace Centre and the FW de Klerk Foundation in which are asking the court to compel Ramaphosa to institute a judicial commission of inquiry into the allegations.

The civil organisations are arguing that the Deputy President has constitutional powers conferred by section 90 (1) to establish the commission in the event that the President is otherwise unable to fulfill his duties.

In a statement on Saturday, Ramaphosa opposes such an application.

“Deputy President Ramaphosa opposes this application based on his understanding that the Constitution does not permit the Deputy President to exercise Presidential powers.”

However, the Deputy President has emphasized that he supports, without delay, the establishment of such a commission.

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