Double standards, ANC and EFF racist hate speech v justice

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Double standards, ANC and EFF racist hate speech v justice
Double standards, ANC and EFF racist hate speech v justice. Photo: Boere Krisis Aksie

Vicki Momberg, the estate agent charged with racist crimen injuria, was sentenced to jail for 3 years of which 1 is suspended. Momberg is the first person in South Africa to be sentenced to imprisonment for using the “k” word. She was charged after she was captured on video calling a black police officer “k…r”

This, of course, sets a legal precedent. From now on the Momberg case will be used as a guideline for investigating, charging and punishing any person who uses terms and expressions which can be regarded as racist.

At the same time it highlights the double standards of the law in judging such matters.

Only this week we have reported about a serving Defense Force officer who publicly and blatantly asked for the torture and killing of white people. He was only verbally reprimanded by his commanding officer for that. Why is he not in court next to ms Momberg? Why does he not serve a 3 year sentence?

Have we now reached the stage in South Africa where using the “k” word is a worse crime than calling for the massacre of people purely because of their skin colour?

One can only imagine how the liberals and the media will run with this story!

All we can say is: Count your words from this moment on. The witch hunt has started!

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