Dogs poisoned in Witbank by cruel scumbags

Dogs poisoned in Witbank by cruel scumbags
Dogs poisoned in Witbank South Africa

Witbank, South Africa – 4 out of 5 of our very much beloved fury kids were poisoned with two-step late in the evening of 23/09/2014 in Reyno Ridge, Witbank.

The Labrador was Oliver, the Sharpei was Gia, the Bullterrior was Ballas and the little Jack Russell was Rocky, the Sausage x Basset who has so far survived is Stompie.

It was too traumatic for words to witness our babies suffer like that. The fear and confusion in their eyes, gagging and convulsing. Our hearts have been ripped out by this evil act of cruelty and it will take more than a life time to heal from this evil tragedy.

Apparently these cruel scumbags are after my motorbike. If only they would have knocked on the door and given us an option our lives would not have been turned upside down in a matter of minutes that is has been, they could have gladly taken the bike.

Please people keep your fury babies safe, no one should go through what we are.

RIP for all those little babies all over SA who have gone due to crime and neglect.

Am tired of having to ‘politically correct’ about what is going on this country and may we learn to stand together so we can put an end to these savages running our beloved country further down to the ground and causing mayhem in so many people’s lives.

Tami Gnirck


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