Did we give up on life and accepted totalitarian rule because academics overstated the seriousness of the CCP-virus?

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Did we give up on life and accepted totalitarian rule because academics overstated the seriousness of the CCP-virus?
Did we give up on life and accepted totalitarian rule because academics overstated the seriousness of the CCP-virus?

Did we give up on life and accepted dictatorship from the ANC because of doom and gloom predictions of CCP- virus deaths by academic modelers which turned out to be massively overblown? The only certainty we have at the moment with this CCP – virus, is that it is NOT so bad as what certain academic modelers said it would be.                                                         

The ANC totally brought this economy to a standstill, based on FAULTY academic modelling. Now that the real facts are emerging, why don’t we get back to normality? Did the ANC not steal enough with the  emergency tenders? Or do they feel they have not punished white people enough by keeping their businesses closed? Do they want more time to implement their dream of a totalitarian state where it is a crime to even criticise what they are busy doing?                        

Currently some government advisors are predicting 48000 CCP – virus deaths this year.           

Prof Shabir Madhi, a prominent vaccine expert at WITS, predicts 25000 deaths and another group of experts called PANDA says no more than 12000 will die this year.                                                   
A short while back a non scientist called Marius Strydom, who writes a column for FakeNews24, predicted 100 000 deaths from CCP – virus this year alone.                                           
These kind of figures causes people to be scared and makes them willingly accept the vicious black nationalist and communist dictatorship the ANC has implemented on the back of this virus.                                          It even makes some people act as informants and call the Police on their neighbours to report them for trivialities just like the people in Eastern Germany spied on their neighbours for the Stasi secret Police.

The predictions of the academic model builders is not exact science and it almost never come true.                  A group of academic model predictors at the University of Stellenbosch called SACEMA predicted a CCP – virus death rate of 351 000 at the outbreak of the CCP – virus in South Africa. Now that does not look so true anymore.                           
As more real evidence – not predictions – emerges, it makes it clear why the ANC over reacted so wildly. They saw an opportunity to play dictator and take revenge on minorities.
In France the death rate of people contracting the CCP – virus is now 0,7 % and in England it is 0, 9% says the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEBM) at the University of Oxford.                       
In Iceland, where the most tests for CCP – virus were conducted, the death rate for people who contracted the CCP – virus is less than 0,28%.                                           
In Italy, the country with the second oldest population on earth, it is estimated that 9 out of 10 people who died had underlying health conditions. Despite that everyone who died were classified as CCP virus – deaths.                                                            

On the Diamond Express cruise ship with passengers and crew totaling 3700, only 14 people died with most of them deep in their seventies.                   

The CEBM says that their estimate of people who will die in Britain from the CCP – virus will actually be lower in the end, between 0,1% and 0,41%, this estimate is due to faulty classifications of deaths and other reasons.                               
We have to be very careful of being so afraid of this CCP – virus that we neglect to live.         

We have to be careful to be so scared that we give up our values.
20 000 people die yearly from flu and lung infection, 34 000 from TB, 25 000 from diabetes, as many as 24500 from heart conditions and 5800 in motor vehicle accidents according to Stats SA. Despite this we dont worry to come in contact with TB positive people, we eat fatty braai meat, we send the kids to school, we drive in our cars. In short WE LIVE.                             

Are we really going to allow a situation where we stop living, where we give up on our values, where we allow the government to implement a cruel dictatorship with racist ulterior motives?

Let us get back to the truth and sanity. The first thing we must realise is that the dangers of this CCP – virus were totally overblown.                                   

Yes, people will die from it. It will be mostly elderly people and people with underlying health conditions.   But then nobody can live forever and people die from many different illnesses and accidents.

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