Derby-Lewis lawyer to approach a court to deal with matters

Derby-Lewis lawyer to approach a court to deal with matters

Johannesburg – A lawyer for convicted killer Clive Derby-Lewis on Friday said he will approach a court to deal with matters arising from his medical parole application.

He would go to the high court to force the correctional services department to comply with the law when handling Derby-Lewis’s application, lawyer Marius Coertze said.

Derby-Lewis applied for medical parole on May 2. A meeting with department officials was held on May 8.

The department was not happy that documents from Derby-Lewis’s doctor and two medical specialists were attached to the medical parole application form.

“Correctional services was not satisfied with the completed form. They said a doctor or nurse in the prison’s clinic should fill out the form.

“That is not a requirement regarding the act… that person has nothing to do with Clive. They know nothing about his condition,” Coertze said.

He said at the end of the meeting the area commissioner told him he was not happy with how the form had been filled in.

The form stated Derby-Lewis was suffering from a terminal illness and would die from cancer.

“He (the commissioner) said it was not acceptable in his culture to say that, because you invoke the spirits of the forefathers,” Coertze said.

He said the department did not want the form to state Derby-Lewis was terminally ill…

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