Depression hits South Africa’s white camps

Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal

Depression hits South Africa’s white camps
Dépression hits South Africa’s white camps. Photo: Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal

We urgently need your support. Winter is upon us, and so is the demand for blankets, warm clothes, food, and other useful household items, to improve the lowdown living conditions of this and other white, impoverished communities. Most of these people receive little or no financial aid from the government or distant families. They are the forgotten people.

White Squatter camps have almost become a norm for those who have no other option.

By sharing with friends, families, and Businesses, you can already make a huge difference. Instead of waiting for the government to get involved and start helping the white disadvantaged, we would like to take that first step. We cannot do it on our own though. That is why we would want to challenge you to make a massive difference in the following two ways. By donating, and then to share to at least, five friends you know, and even to groups and organization you belong too, that are looking to help further causes and people in stressful situations like these.

People who are actively engaged in building their communities and nation always seems to have the most joy. Everyone can give. Everyone can give to someone who will never be able to repay you for your kindness. Yes, everyone can give, knowing that those who show compassion to the poor, honors God, who cares for the poor.

We aim to involve businesses and individuals to come and build, and to help shape these communities now to improve their expectation for a better future. Crime, of course, is one of our nation’s most serious battles we fight, besides combating the cause which is poverty.

We are asking you to take R100, R200, R500 an R1000 even R10 000, and give to impact, and change the hopes of these forgotten poor. What a difference you can make in a child’s life, or one of these unemployed and elderly, by donating only R100 or more. Then share the Cause to bring to light their suffering in hope for a more positive response, as to elevate their poor living conditions.

People go without food and even regular meals. Please open your hearts, and wallets to support our people in need. This is really what is happening in South Africa, and we need help all over. Let us break the silence. Make a difference and be part of this project to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick and to give drink to the thirsty. Yes, help them escape their prison of poverty by offering employment. They are willing and able to work.

How can we give them a plate of food if the plate is empty and our hands are cut off? ‘Please share this with all your friends, and the more people share, the more we raise awareness for make a difference before it is too late. It is so sad to hear that some the kids still go off to school hungry. Unfortunately, this happens worldwide, in our country, and even around us. Like Mother Teresa once said, when she faced the enormous demand and desperate need of the poor and forgotten people of Calcutta “I may not be able to help everyone, but I can start with one.”

What other donations can you give as well? You can donate clean clothing, shoes, food, building tools and materials, household items and kitchenware. Blankets, Canned food, Soup, Rice, Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Noodles, Maize, Oil, Mieliemeel, Cleaning products, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Earbuds, Soap, Toilet Paper, Nappies, Baby food, Candles or lamps, Matches, and even Medicine to support the First Aid Store. Whatever you want to give from your heart that’s not broken or worn out. Respect the poor in your generosity as to add dignity to your love gift. Some people may buy in bulk and then take from each pack one item, to make up a hamper, with various products. You too can add to this, by supporting one family at a time.

Cash donations bank details are available; Volunteers can join to be part Come with bringing friends and teams.

A special Thank you to everyone who already has given, volunteered and have pledged their support to see beauty come from these camps.

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