Denial becomes a crime

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Denial becomes a crime
Denial becomes a crime

When the “hate speech bill” was first proposed, Front National wrote an article in which we predicted that “Apartheid Denial” will be the next to be criminalized.

After all, in a number of European countries (incl Germany, Switzerland, Austria etc) “Holocaust Denial” is a crime for which you can receive a prison sentence. In fact, the 89 year old Ursula Haverbeck, an author from the town of Vlotho, started a two year sentence in prison only last week for publically saying that there was no Holocaust.

It is hardly suprising that the liberals and their lackeys in South Africa would follow suit. And now it has happened.

Charges will be pressed against Kallie Kriel for saying that apartheid was not a crime against humanity, in an attempt to have “apartheid denial” declared a crime. Which means that a statement such as Helen Zille’s on colonialism, or simply saying: We were better off before 1994, could land you in jail if they have their way.

Awkward that the same liberals furiously defend principles such as freedom of speech and opinion. But then again, freedom of speech apparently applies only to radical left-wingers such as Malema and intollerants such as the liberal white South African.

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