Decomposing body at Rob Ferreira Hospital as strike continues

Decomposing body at Rob Ferreira Hospital as strike continues
Rob Ferreira Hospital

South Africa – Mpumalanga News went to the hospital after receiving numerous phone calls of concerned people who have family members admitted there. What the newspaper found, is horrific.

The strikers – comprising of cleaners, porters and some nursing staff – have opened taps throughout the hospital, flooding the floors. Rubbish, including rotten food, has been scattered everywhere. Doctors and patients have to tip toe to avoid slipping and falling.

The newspaper was greeted by an unbearable stench on the third floor and found a dead body decomposing in a small room next to the lifts. Flies were hovering above it, with pus and blood oozing onto the floor. A source inside the hospital explained that porters have to take corpses to the mortuary and since they are striking, this obviously isn’t being done.

Several police officials have been deployed at the hospital to keep an eye on the situation as the strike turned violent on Monday afternoon. Strikers barricaded all entrances to the hospital and set rubbish and branches on fire. Dr Leif Brauteseth, a psychiatrist, was injured when he tried to remove a pole in front of the gate.

Strikers tried to prevent him from doing so during which Brauteseth lost his balance and fell.

The strikers demand new uniforms, cleaning material and compensation for overtime worked, amongst others.


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