DA’s irresponsible statement on farm murders condemned by Front Nasionaal

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DA’s irresponsible statement on farm murders condemned by Front Nasionaal
DA's irresponsible statement on farm murders condemned by Front Nasionaal. Photo Front Nasionaal

FRONT NATIONAL strongly objects to the irresponsible and downright incorrect statement made by the Democratic Alliance (DA) Abroad regarding farm attacks.

In the statement on the social media, the DA said: “We condemn organisers of protests and events who perpetuate misinformed narratives and mobilise on the basis of race.” The DA’s obsession with race and racism is clearly clouding their solid judgement on a critical matter.

Statistics and reliable sources proved that farm attacks has become a problem out of hand and that white farmers in South Africa are indeed being targeted.

Now that politicians in various countries start to recognize this crisis of the minority group in South Africa, it is condemnable that South Africans abroad try to downplay this, and even condemn the leaders of the countries where they themselves live in relative safety, removed from the gruesome reality faced by the white farming community in South Africa.

Front National calls on the white electorate to take serious note of the attempts of the DA Abroad to downplay the seriousness of the escalating terrorist attacks against white farmers and the condemnable attack on our friends and supporters abroad.

It is obvious that the DA is showing its true colours more and more as they, in fact, support ANC and EFF policies.

We urge the white voter to condemn this in the strongest possible terms and join a party where they truly belong.

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