Dad researched on internet how to kill mom, says son

Dad researched on internet how to kill mom, says son
Odette Barkhuizen: Photo Facebook

A day before his mother, Odette Barkhuizen, was shot dead, a 17-year-old boy allegedly caught his father researching how to shoot someone on the internet, Rapport newspaper reported on Sunday.

“He was a bad father and a bad husband,” Wade Barkhuizen told the Afrikaans Sunday paper in an exclusive interview.

He said he hoped his father remained behind bars because he feared for his own life.

EWN reported earlier this week that George Barkhuizen was arrested for the killing of his wife, Odette, who was shot dead in front of her office in Oakdene in June 2015.

Pam Immelman, Odette’s mother, told the talk radio station the family was traumatised.

“It’s just the beginning of a lot of things to come; everything is not going to be plain sailing.”

The Star newspaper reported that police initially thought she was killed in a hijacking but after weeks of private and police investigations, the husband was fingered as the prime suspect.

Private investigator

The 43-year-old mother was shot in the head and chest on June 11. quoted George Barkhuizen in July as saying he himself had hired a private investigator to probe Odette’s killing.

But Rapport newspaper said both Wade Barkhuizen – his youngest son – and Melissa Naidu, a director of the private detective agency Paul O’Sullivan and Associates, suspected her killing was not a hijacking.

Wade said his father was very abusive and his mom had been too scared for years to leave, fearing for her sons’ safety. She was shot dead after deciding to divorce him.

“My mom was everything to us.”

George Barkhuizen had taken out three life policies on Odtte’s life, worth R7.7m, shortly before her death, according to Rapport newspaper.

A day before her murder, Wade allegedly saw his father had done research on the internet on how to shoot someone. According to Wade, when he asked him what he was doing, he replied: “I am tired of backstabbing.”

George Barkhuizen is expected to appear in court again on Wednesday for a bail application.

Source – News24

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