‘Cutting noses to spite faces’ – ‘Thank you very much, Senator’

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“Often we act unwisely to kill the agony of uncertainty”, Laurence Marks once wrote.

How very true when we look at the frequent downright irresponsible behaviour of so many of our own people. We are living in a terrible situation of suspense in this country, never knowing when we are to be the next victim of a farm attack, rape, robbery or unfair dismissal.

We do not know what the future holds, when our land will be taken from us without compensation, how we are going to deal with the escalating issues facing us and then we act unwisely to assert ourselves in some ways.

I noticed, with huge concern, the comments made by white South Africans on a social media posting by the Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm, yesterday.

Senator Leyonhjelm is the politician who wrote a letter insisting that the Australian government speak out against the policy of land expropriation and offer help in some way to the white farmers in this country. He certainly could as well have argued: “That is none of our concern, let them fend for themselves.” But the senator acted out of conviction.

One would imagine that a mere appreciative: “Thank you very much, Senator” would have been the proper response. Shockingly enough a whole lot of South Africans jumped in with comments to the tune of: “Yet you guys supported sanctions! You opposed apartheid. It is your fault! You are to blame for our situation.”

Why would one do that? Why cut your nose to spite your face for the momentary satisfaction of being able to say: “I told you so!”?

What is even worse is the fact that these very same people would then take offense when BLF and EFF and ANC keep tuning the fiddle of “It’s apartheid’s fault!” How can we be offended by people constantly bringing up the past, if we do the very same at every possible opportunity we get!

Yes, sure, the international community supported the transition of South Africa into a multiculturalist nightmare. But let us be fair and give them the opportunity to recognise and admit that mistake. If men of principle such as Senator Leyonhjelm are prepared to stand up and speak out, they deserve our recognition, not our judgement, for that they will get in abundance from the liberals!

We need all the support we can get. This is surely not the time to refuse a helping hand because of a historical error of judgement. And we certainly have no right to complain that the world does not support our cause if we jump at every opportunity to remind them where they were wrong. That puts us in exactly the same league as the EFF, BLF and ANC.

We at Front National say: “Thank you Senator. We appreciate your support and we acknowledge your contribution – but we’re still not going to give the Wallabies the next Rugby World Cup on a silver platter!”

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