Culpible homicide: Cholera death of man in Boer Afrikaner shanty town blamed on ANC council refusal to provide clean water

Deliberate ANC-council neglect blamed for on cholera-death of a man in Boer Afrikaner squatter camp. ANC councils refuse to provide clean drinking water to impoverished whites in their shanty towns.

26 March 2014 – By J. Mare. The Afrikaner Journal reports: “According to a well-known aid worker among the impoverished Afrikaner minority, a man has succumbed to cholera this afternoon in one of the many white shanty towns dotting the South African landscape.
Gideon van Deventer says that they received the preliminary report from the local clinic, indicating that the man had died of this disease. He says hygiene a very big problem in these townships, but due to a lack of running water and sanitation many people become ill.
He says he has noticed an increase in people suffering from fevers, chills and other flu-like symptoms as well as dysentery….