Cry beloved South Africa

Cry beloved South Africa
Photo by South Africa Today.

My prayers for the recovery of my Sister in law, Lizelle Van Zyl.

On Saturday morning , 07h30 in the main road of Gonubie while out for a run she was attacked without warning by a big savage, far bigger than her. The savage stabbed her and threw her to the ground. He then jumped on top of her and continued stabbing her.

When he thought someone was stopping their car he retreated. When no one stopped he then returned to finish her off. She decided she was not going to get killed and kicked him where it counted and in the process received more stab wounds in the legs.

While trying to keep him at bay she thought why is no one stopping to help. Eventually someone pulled up and the savage ran away. She was in running attire and had nothing to steal. Motivation appears to be the lust to kill. At a slightly different angle the knife wound in the chest would have been fatal.

I am aware on that day there were other barbaric acts committed in East London as well as other parts. The press did not deem it fit to report any of the barbaric acts . Cry the beloved country where people are no longer prepared to stand up for each other and help and where people are not prepared to say enough is enough. Ignore the problem and have the attitude that it will never happen to you.  Never say never those savages who commit these barbaric acts may get to you and your family.

My God save the people of South Africa and expedite the recovery of Lizelle.

Mike Orsmond

Community contribution.

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