Cross province operation nets 165 suspects

Cross province operation nets 165 suspects
Cross province operation nets 165 suspects

Festive Season is usually characterized with extensive movement of people across the country and it is for this reason that the police in the three provinces, namely; Eastern, Northern and Western Cape, held a three day long cross border operation to address crimes that cross cut into the three provinces.

Resources such as personnel, vehicles and different types of equipment from the three provinces were put to use into this operation to help deal with these prevalent crimes affecting these provinces.

A total of 165 suspects were arrested for various crimes including dealing and possession of drugs, possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition, dealing in liquor, fraud and undocumented persons. More than 3 300 vehicles and 5 454 people were searched. Fines to the amounting to approximately R300 588, 00 were issued for different offences.

Two firearms and 14 live ammunition were recovered from two suspects in the Northern Cape and Eastern Cape. Upon circulating the firearm recovered in the Eastern Cape, it was discovered that it belongs to someone in Western Cape whose house was broken into and the firearm amongst the property stolen.

The suspect furnished the police with the details of the person who sold the firearm to him and that suspect has now been positively linked to the Western Cape house breaking case.

Drugs including dagga weighing more than 93 kg, 100 tablets of mandrax and 16 bundles of Khat were seized in the three provinces. Various bank cards and ID cards were also confiscated.

The three day long multi disciplinary operation, conducted by various state entities conducted in the three participating provinces also saw 497 premises and 53 farms visited by police and a total of 50 operations resulting in the above mentioned arrests and seizures.

Some of the suspects arrested during this operation have already made their first appearance in court today while some will be appearing next week in the three respective provinces.

The impact brought by this highly intensified and intelligence driven operation was greatly appreciated by the three Provincial Commissioners who are tasked with protecting the citizens of this country in the Eastern, Northern and Western Cape. All of them applauded the zeal and enthusiasm shown by the members of the SAPS and other departments throughout the entire operation.

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