Critical SAPS infrastructure systems shut down

South African Police Service

Critical SAPS infrastructure systems shut down
Critical SAPS infrastructure systems shut down

The management of the South African Police Service and the State Information Technology Agency have noted the media statement as well as the subsequent media reports that “certain critical infrastructure systems within the SAPS” have been shut down.

We can confirm that certain systems have indeed been shut down and while the shutting down of the said systems is likely to affect the efficiency of certain operations within the SAPS, they however do not completely bring operations to a halt.

To ensure that operations can continue unhindered and that service delivery is not compromised, contingency plans have been put in place.

In the meantime, we are seeking legal advice on this matter and we will act accordingly. Also, we will not be giving out specifics given that there are serious security implications and that we may potentially need to act on the legal advice if necessary.

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