‘Crime Intelligence, 15 years of wholesale looting’ Sitole in spotlight

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‘Crime Intelligence, 15 years of wholesale looting’ Sitole in spotlight
'Crime Intelligence, 15 years of wholesale looting' Sitole in spotlight

Media reports on 29 March 2018, suggest that the new National Police Commissioner, General Khehla Sitole, has tried to quash complaints against the very man he intends to announce as the head of Crime Intelligence.

We watched as former National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega did more or less the same thing, announcing provincial heads, one of whom had a criminal record. She only just survived the egg all over her face by quickly withdrawing and replacing him.

There should be absolutely no question of the integrity of the person due to take over what is arguably the most corrupt entity within the SAPS which as the IPID said in Parliament today, has seen 15 years of wholesale looting.

We have written to General Sitole to express our views in this regard.

If there are clouds over the head of Major-General Peter Jacobs, which seem to involve at least four pending internal complaints against him, our advice to General Sitole is: Don’t do it.

South Africans deserve better. We cannot take the chance of putting in another Richard Mdluli.

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