Couple attacked at Fort Klapperkop in Pretoria

Couple attacked at Fort Klapperkop in Pretoria

A man is in a serious condition in the intensive care unit of a Pretoria hospital after he and his wife were attacked on Saturday night, August 22, 2015, at the lookout point at Fort Klapperkop in the Groenkloof Nature Reserve.

Arthur Crewe, head of Hi-Risk Unit Security Services who was at the scene shortly after the attack, said the man was stabbed with a knife in the chest, which caused his lungs to collapse. He was admitted in the intensive care unit of the Little Company of Mary Hospital. His wife suffered cuts to her hand and arms. The couple is from Durban.

“They were sitting in their car early evening at the lookout viewpoint, when the suspects came out of the bushes. We’re not sure how many attackers there were, but we suspect three”, Crewe said.

“The suspects tried to smash the passenger window and the window behind the driver, but without success. They managed to break the driver’s window and leaned into the car to grab valuables. It was then that the man was stabbed with a knife.”

Crewe said the woman was injured when she tried to get the attackers off her husband. The attackers took the couple’s belongings and fled into the bushes.

“We immediately launched a search with dogs, but we could not find the suspects. The reserve is huge and there is more than enough space to flee,” Crewe said. He said they resumed the search on Sunday and found an area where the attackers were hiding.

According to Crewe, violent attacks and robberies at the lookout are regularly reported to Hi-Risk Unit. “Just last week, another couple was attacked at the viewpoint and the same modus operandi was followed by breaking the car window. A woman was also raped during a previous attack on the same spot,” Crewe said.

“The reality is that couples often go there for a romantic outing and are not prepared or aware of what is going on around them. This makes them easy targets for attacks. Fort Klapperkop should be avoided as far as possible in the evenings,” he said.

Crewe said the area is slightly safer in daytime when joggers and cyclists move around in groups.

Source – Maroela Media

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