Counter protest planned in Perth

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Over the weekend more than 2000 South Africans and Australian supporters joined in a march in Perth to petition the Australian government into adopting the proposal to grant refugee status to persecuted white South African farmers.

A petition, started by the activist Avraham Yemeni, gathered 50 000 signatures in support of the motion.

On Friday morning the 13th of April at 10:30 this petition will be handed over to Minister Julia Bishop, Foreign Affairs Minister (who is not in support of the motion.)

The liberal faction of South Africans and Australians immediately responded by arranging a counter protest at 10:30 in Perth this coming Friday.

In true liberal fashion they are calling the poor Avraham (who is Jewish, co-incidentally) a “nazi and a white supremacist”

On an event page, typically once again, the fake profilers are spitting acid about the white crosses at the weekend’s protest implying that it is a symbol of white supremacy, fascism and racism. We know that white crosses have been a symbol of mourning our slaughtered kin for more than a decade already. But these people will stop at nothing to even degrade our mourning and foul the symbol of what is happening to our white farming community.

Front National SA would like to call on all our fellow South Africans in Perth to join the presentation of the petition on Friday morning…even if only to show these liberals that we are for real, and not only fake Facebook profiles who hide behind other people.

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