Corruption probe against Zuma from charges by opposition parties

Corruption probe against Zuma from charges by opposition parties

Police Minister Nathi Nhleko may have misled Parliament over the corruption probe against President Jacob Zuma flowing from charges brought by opposition parties, DA parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane suggested yesterday.

Maimane said Nhleko’s claim that the investigation was sub judice either meant that it was so far advanced that charges against the President were in the pipeline, or it was a lie to avoid answering questions.

‘The Minister’s use of the sub judice rule suggests that the NPA is considering charging or has already charged, Jacob Zuma on these Nkandla corruption charges,’ he said. ‘However, if the matter is not actually sub judice, then Minister Nhleko has deliberately misled Parliament in order to avoid answering uncomfortable questions and to protect President Zuma from accountability for Nkandla.

If the Minister was not truthful in his answer then he must face the consequences of misleading Parliament.’

Earlier yesterday police spokesperson Solomon Makgale indicated that police had not yet formally brought charges against the President, but that the investigation had been centralised as charges were laid at more than one police station. ‘The charges were laid by opposition party members at many police stations. It was centralised at national office.’ He added: ‘We are not even talking charges as yet.’

Maimane had asked the Minister whether the case of eight corruption charges he personally opened at the Nkandla police station in March was being investigated, by whom and by when would it be completed.

‘The investigation in this regard has been initiated and no further information can be disclosed at this juncture as the matter is still sub judice. Suffice to say that all processes have been followed,’ was how Nhleko answered the question.


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