Cop’s daughter shows off looted goods on Facebook

Cop’s daughter shows off looted goods on Facebook

A police officer’s daughter in a small Western Cape town has gloated on Facebook that she was involved in looting foreign-owned shops.

Last Saturday night, Hopefield erupted after a 20-year-old resident, Elmore Gurah, was stabbed and died in a foreign-owned shop.

An angry crowd of locals gathered, tore down the shop and then moved across the normally quiet town plundering other shops owned by foreigners.

The attacks started at around midnight and as they were unfolding, Charney Maarman (22) posted a series of photographs on social networking site Facebook that showed groceries stacked on her bed. She also photographed her cousin posing with the pile of soft drinks, tins of food, tea bags and matches.

She commented in Afrikaans, which is translated as follows: “Out shopping with the Nigerians last night. It’s raining nicely in Hopefield! Lol!”

Her father, Klaas Maarman, is a warrant officer at the Hopefield Police Station. He refused to comment and said his daughter would not comment either…

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