Complete self-determination or nothing, there will be no compromise

Complete self-determination or nothing, there will be no compromise
Front National - Photo: Boere Krisis Aksie (B.K.A.)

Front National South Africa and a number of organizations aligning itself with us presented a manifesto to the South African government on Friday in which we declared that we call on article 235 of the constitution for the right of self determination to be granted to the Afrikaner/Boer people.

A new dispensation of a multicultural state of unity without the protection of minority rights was created in 1994. We were tricked, bullied and blackmailed by empty promises, hollow threats and emotional appeals into accepting a political process which brought about nothing but corruption, bloodshed, poverty and shame.

The 1994 process was no lasting solution to the problems of South Africa – it was a truce which has reached its date of maturity. We intend to pursue every politcal, legal and constitutional avenue available, both local and foreign, to achieve complete self-determination.

And if that does not work, we will pursue any other avenue we regard justifiable before humanity, but complete freedom, self-determination and safety of our people is our aim, nothing less.

We will not consider a compromise.

Daniel Lötter
Front National Head of Information

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