Colonialism and it’s consequences

Opinion by Granville Almond

Colonialism and it’s consequences
Colonialism and it's consequences. Photo: Pixabay

In recent months, specifically after Helen Zillers’ statement on how “colonialism was not all bad”, I have various questions. First, if the white man had never set foot on the African continent, I have tried to imagine where the country would be today.

Would there have been roads, railways, airplanes, banks, electricity, dams, cellular phones, telephones, internet, motor cars etc., etc., etc. All of the above are the result of white mans historical education systems, the systems that nurtured Einstein, Isaac Newton amongst others too numerous to mention. The system that the “colonials” tried to bring to the African continent, which is now, in the hands of current African authorities, is failing miserably. To the best of my knowledge, Africa never had such a system. To say that colonialism was “not all bad” is a gross understatement. The whole of the American continent from the north of Alaska to the southern tip of Cape Horn, is a colony. The whole of Australia is a colony. The whole of New Zealand is a colony, yet African countries readily accept aid and donations from these colonies. Don’t forget, that England was at one time also a colony.

True, in order to fully complete their colonialisation of today’s Western countries, the native populations had to be subdued, resulting in these countries today, being economically, educationally and militarily superior to any African country. At the very beginning of the second world war, Adolf Hitler gave his opinion and intended vision of Africa, which included the large extermination of “these inferior beings”, (sic) followed by the enslavery of the rest. This, he actually began when he invaded North Africa, and was only stopped by the efforts of the western allies which included Rhodesians and South Africans. I feel that this, rather than being a reason for hatred of white people by black people, should be a reason of eternal gratitude. As regards as to who is intellectually superior, it is my belief, that if African were more superior then white people, they would have colonised us.