Close your curtains at night

Close your curtains at night

Warning received from Drift Reaction cc – I regularly drive around with the Iron Fist Squad and have noticed something that is quite worrying.

A few weeks ago we swept a veld (looking for the Ruimsig housebreaking suspects) and I noticed that some residents do not close their main bedroom or other bedroom curtains! As the sun came up I could literally see the residents lying in bed. How easy is it for suspects to watch them from the veld?

I also saw some houses with open curtains. You can literally watch the residents at night moving through the whole front side of the house. It is so easy for suspects to determine who is home and where everyone in the house is!

Please close your curtains as soon as it gets dark. It is terrible to think that they watch you walking around in the house, sleeping in your bed and going about your business. It really freaks me out. At this specific complex we found proof that suspects sat there scouting the units! Really freaky and really dangerous!

Drift Reaction cc