Child Protection Week 2020 already a failure

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Child Protection Week 2020 already a failure
Child Protection Week 2020 already a failure. Photo: SAPS

Child Protection Week 2020, which is held from 31 May to 7 June this year, is already a complete failure. Although this week is an annual occurrence aimed at raising awareness of children’s rights among citizens, the level of violence against children in our country remains shockingly high.

The number of reported cases of violence against women and children doubled during the period of lockdown with nearly 120 000 victims who phoned the government’s gender violence emergency line in just the first three weeks of lockdown.

The most recent incident is the senseless murder of the six-year-old Alexia Nyamadzawo earlier this week. Just before the National Child Protection Week commenced, two nine-year-old girls also passed away due to violence in KwaZulu Natal.

During this time, many children are at the mercy of ruthless acts of violence with no chance of escape and no protection from schools and other institutions that normally serve as support networks.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and, thus, they must be protected at all costs. Every single citizen has the responsibility to protect our children and to be a voice for them when they are unable to speak.

The FF Plus offers its sincerest condolences to the family and friends of all victims of violence against women and children. The party also calls on members of the public to report all such cases to the police immediately.

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