Charleston shooting – badges on jacket ‘Photoshopped’

Charleston shooting – badges on jacket ‘Photoshopped’
Charleston shooting: badges of former Rhodesian flag and former South African flag ‘Photoshopped’

Over the past two days the liberal media in South Africa and a host of liberal social media platforms have been spitting acid about the young man who shot and killed a number of African Americans in a church in Charleston in the south of America.

In particular about the fact that he had a picture on his Facebook profile of him wearing a jacket with two badges – one of the former Rhodesian flag and one of the former South African flag – on the chest.

Front National South Africa started questioning the picture – something about those two badges were …”odd”. And suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the Facebook profile “disappeared”, but not before we got hold of the original “un-Photoshopped” picture.


The REAL badge is rather reminiscent of the logo of the American Democratic Party of Barack Obama! Despite the fact that the American media makes no mention of the old South Aafrican flag, the local media and their cronies used terms such as “symbols of white supremacy and oppression” and “racist symbolism” etc.

It just seems that the liberal would not hesitate to shamelessly stoop to the very lowest level of despicable deceit and lies if he could use it to discredit the conservative Afrikaner.

We do not know who created this forgery yet, but we will find out. And to the South African liberal and the media who is your voice we have only this to say: “You despicable cheats! You owe the Afrikaner and the Rhodesian people an apology and if you have only one fragment of honesty and decency left in you, you will offer that apology now!”

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