Charleston shooting – badges on jacket ‘Photoshopped’

Charleston shooting: badges of former Rhodesian flag and former South African flag ‘Photoshopped’
Charleston shooting: badges of former Rhodesian flag and former South African flag ‘Photoshopped’

Over the past two days the liberal media in South Africa and a host of liberal social media platforms have been spitting acid about the young man who shot and killed a number of African Americans in a church in Charleston in the south of America.

In particular about the fact that he had a picture on his Facebook profile of him wearing a jacket with two badges – one of the former Rhodesian flag and one of the former South African flag – on the chest.

Front National South Africa started questioning the picture – something about those two badges were …”odd”. And suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the Facebook profile “disappeared”, but not before we got hold of the original “un-Photoshopped” picture.


The REAL badge is rather reminiscent of the logo of the American Democratic Party of Barack Obama! Despite the fact that the American media makes no mention of the old South Aafrican flag, the local media and their cronies used terms such as “symbols of white supremacy and oppression” and “racist symbolism” etc.

It just seems that the liberal would not hesitate to shamelessly stoop to the very lowest level of despicable deceit and lies if he could use it to discredit the conservative Afrikaner.

We do not know who created this forgery yet, but we will find out. And to the South African liberal and the media who is your voice we have only this to say: “You despicable cheats! You owe the Afrikaner and the Rhodesian people an apology and if you have only one fragment of honesty and decency left in you, you will offer that apology now!”

Front National South Africa

South Africa Today – South Africa News

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  • The little sh!t should be blown to bits, disgracing our Afrikaners like that!

    • Mike

      Original Facebook photo can still be seen via Google Way Back Machine and it has the old SA flag, so this article is a blatant attempt to deceive.

      • Steph

        Only this website is talking about it from millions of news websites around the world! Thus photo was shared by charleston police on first place, not some ‘liberal’! What a shame South Africa Today!!! Making up fake news!!!

    • Nigel

      You stupid retards! If you look at the picture carefully you can see that YOU have in fact Photoshopped the image and taken the old SA flag out. You may get away with this bulls*t with an untrained eye, but I’m afraid Piet Kliek-Muis, or whatever other idiot you used to pull off this stunt needs to go back to Technikon.

      • Robin

        Ok, so your “trained” eye, Nigel, did not spot the fact that the white in the SA flag is brilliantly white. Not a smudge nor a scuff mark, as is evident on the rest of the jacket. Perhaps this shooter had it taken off and cleaned so it stood out in his selfie? That must be it. This is very clearly a photoshop job as stated in this article. Oh wait, what was that you said about retards? Right back at Ya.

        • Travis

          Those flags have NOT been photoshopped. Here are some more pictures of this racist pig wearing the flags on his jacket.

          • Travis did it occur to you that maybe they went through those images one by one and photoshopped them??? check and mate.

          • Travis, in the link that you shared….. why is the flags in the one picture on the left side of the jacket and in the other picture on the right side of the jacket? Does that not seem odd to you?

          • Jaapie

            Nina, have you ever noticed that when you look in a mirror everything looks like it’s reversed?

          • Chappy

            OK. I believe that only the flag he was holding in his hand, was photo shopped. I do not think the jacket was. I find that the flag pole in his hand looks fishy. Almost as if he should have been holding a knife or sword. Also the red in any of the photos day or night indoors and out is entirely too dark. No company making these flags would ave chose their own red color. Look at the night time one, next to the pots. It is suspicious. It looks as the the pole was adjusted a bit. So is the fact that every picture had a photographer. Where is this person? A friend? Someone who wasnt afriad of him or his gun that’s for sure. As if he was posing. This person never appears in the photos. I have to admit it looks staged. Yes this child was obviously racist. Perhaps brainwashed and walked along by someone else. Photo taker? Is this person coaching others? That’s a danger. These photos show of an accomplice of some kind. Where is this person?

  • My hond van der Merva

    And the Afrikaaners didn’t oppress a nation for decades then? LOL

    • Yes, I recall the tens of thousands of blacks they tortured and slaughtered–oops! What is your justification for the South African Holocaust, Mr. LOL?

      • You’re not only a liar, but an ignorant and mlaicious one. The Afrikaner did NOT kill people – but they did shoot a few terrorists! Maybe you are one of those we missed!

        • roger rothner

          Dit was goed gese

        • Well said… People are so missed informed…

        • faggotluvver68

          we din doo nuffin. dey wuz a gud cuntry

      • Stix and Stones the ignorance that you spew out of your mouth tells me that you are as ignorant as the day is long. You know nothing about the the South African history. My only question to you is: Where were these tens of thousands of Africans “slaughtered-oops” in South Africa? Since the African Government in South Africa have been in power 4,000 farmers and their families have been murdered, women and BABIES raped. FACT!!! NOW PROVE YOU STATEMENT My belief is you Nobody will ever hear from you again because you are a LIAR.

        • Straight talk

          The murders and rapes are not by law. Apartheid was oppression BY LAW. and let’s be honest, murders and rapes occur by all races, obviously it may seem like more blacks commit crimes but that’s because they are in the majority. From someone who was NOT previously disadvantaged.

          Also, this is such a false article as international news like CNN, BBC and Sky all showed the old SA flag pic.

          • Cheryl

            Britain became rich because of the slave trade and exploiting colonies, so all those reaping the benefits now whilst pointing hypocritical fingers should appease their consciences by making amends actively.

        • Daniel

          You are not very smart.

      • Kokon

        Ehm …ehr…. A lot more history to this country. What holocaust are you referring to? Probably not the one where the Britts wanted this lovely country for themselves because they realised we sat on a goldmine (pardon the pun) and just under 27000 afrikaner women children and men lost their lives in the haunting concentrationcamps. Not to mention the black people captured and forced to fight a war against their ‘own’ people and stand to lose their country to the people they were now assisting in this war. In the end they suffered the same horrific end as the afrikaner white people. Thousands of lives lost. So, they (everyone) decided that they will not back up, not give up this country to an outsider – they will fight back and return the country to it’s people. I agree things went terribly wrong. We are trying to fix it, but don’t ever deny this country and it’s people – may it be white or black – the honour of being a South African. What you are doing now is exactly what this pumpkin wanted. (In the most horrific way) He wanted people to fight. To hate. I refuse to give him that power or satisfaction.

      • Cheryl

        Please do not forget the Americans killing thousands of Native American Indians and the killing of Black people too. Many Black slaves were butchered in America. Its not only South Africa who is guilty of injustices…. The whole world is. Go and do some research into the history of many countries. You will be surprised at what you can dig up on each ones history.

        • Another Cheryl

          Of course these ‘Americans’ were British. Their strategy, unlike the Afrikaners’, was
          to decimate the native population. The Afrikaner settlers had no such heinous designs, hence they were outnumbered. The British were very clever to foresee such obstacles in the way of future domination and deal with them whilst justifying it ‘as the survival of the fittest’. Of course, they always had and still have the option of running back to Blighty once conditions become less lucrative Why verbally attack white South Africans still living in South Africa? They are the ones who didn’t run away taking their money out of the country.

      • Johann

        More than 10 times the amount of white SA’s have been murdered under the new government!! Shameful!! And yes..we killed far too little of the TERRORISTS back then! Now you slaughter civilians in the safety of their homes and NOTHING is said or done about it..!?! Begs the question as to why exactly..

      • Cheryl

        in the 245 years between Hawkins first voyage and the abolition of the Slave Trade in 1807, merchants in Britain despatched about 10,000 voyages to Africa for slaves, with merchants in other parts of the British Empire perhaps fitting out a further 1,150 voyages…


          • Janine

            1117 – Slavery abolished in Iceland
            1335 – Sweden made slavery illegal
            1683 – the Spanish Crown legally abolished slavery
            1723 – Russia abolishes outright slavery
            1761, 12 February – Portugal abolishes slavery
            1775–83 – Britain’s rebellious North American Colonies ban or suspend the Atlantic slave trade
            1793 – Upper Canada (Ontario) abolishes import of slaves by Act Against Slavery.
            1794 – France abolishes slavery
            1799 – The Colliers (Scotland) Act 1799 ends the legal slavery of Scottish coal miners that had been established in 1606.
            1803 – Denmark–Norway: abolition of transatlantic slave trade takes effect 1 January 1803
            1808 – The US bans the slave trade throughout the US
            1810 – In Mexico, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla declares slavery abolished.
            1814 – The Netherlands outlaws slave trade.
            1822 – Greece abolishes slavery.
            1823 – Chile abolishes slavery.
            1831 – Bolivia abolishes slavery
            1833 – Parliament of the United Kingdom abolishing slavery throughout the British Empire through the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act but It is believed that after 1833 clandestine slave-trading continued within the British Empire; in 1854 Nathaniel Isaacs, owner of the island of Matakong off the coast of Sierra Leone was accused of slave-trading by the governor of Sierra Leone, Sir Arthur Kennedy. Papers relating to the charges were lost when the Forerunner was wrecked off Madeira in October 1854. In the absence of the papers, the English courts refused to proceed with the prosecution. In Australia, blackbirding and the holding of indigenous workers’ pay “in trust” continued, in some instances into the 1970s.
            1834, 1 August – South Africa abolished the practise of slavery but that only counted for the African slaves and there was still Irish slaves in British households until the 1st anglo/boer war between 1899-1902. The Irish slaves were freed by the boers.
            1836 – Portugal abolishes transatlantic slave trade.
            1854 – Peru abolishes slavery.
            1854 – Venezuela abolishes slavery
            1865, December 6 – (Passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, and ratified on December 6, 1865) 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Abolition of Slavery
            1877 – Slavery had been abolished in Egypt in August 1877
            1886 – Slavery abolished in Cuba

    • Best reply yet

  • Leonie Booysen

    That it for you liberals you thought the conservative Afrikaner is uneducated hey!!!. Good for you Front Nationaal I am glad it is in the open. Now we can just see to what level these liberals is stooping to. We must make this a example and get the person who did this. Liberals you are a disgusting lot of people and then you try to discredited good and honest Afrikaner people. May you burn in hell. I feel sorry form this young man

    • Kat

      You need spell-check

      • Like where? A-hole?

    • Linus Malherbe

      Leonie, eerstens is daar n BAIE groot verskil tussen Amerikaanse en SA liberales. Tweedens is die vlae self deur Dylann Roof op sy Facebook page geplaas. Konserwatiewes soos jy is bekend daarvoor dat hulle nie navorsing doen nie en nie feite of n positiewe bydrae kan lewer nie… lees wyd, dis goed vir jou

    • Steph

      You feel sorry for him?! What type of person says that about a killer who took 9 innocent lives?!!! How can you sleep at night?!!! Btw this post is all fake! Media getting into the minds of the real racists! Google about it and you’ll see the real photoshopped image is the one this article states as “original”. Bad photoshopping first of all but dumb people won’t realize! No other website in the world is talking about it but this one. Shame on you South Africa Today for faking news! The photo of the killer was originally published by Charleston police and shared worldwide. Nobody photoshopped anything, do your research people! Such sheep!

    • loads of pics of the jacket.

      • and why is the flags in the second and third picture in the link you shared on different sides of the same jacket? Does that not seem VERY VERY odd to you?

        I dont know whether it is real or photoshopped… but I do find it extremely fishy that those badges just jumped around like that…

        • Sue

          Yes, that’s what tends to happen when someone looks into a mirror. The badges reverse their position.

  • Cezil

    What better did you expect from America. Poor Afrikaners of South Africa.Is there something else you want to blame on the Afrikaners of South Africa. They are to arrogant to apologize to the Afrikaner in South Africa. Racist that you can blame England for..They implemented whites only with their rule in South Africa.Now days its blacks only.

    • Cezil

      Sorry the last mentioned blacks only America implemented in South Africa. Really hope someone can help this young man

  • Mister X

    Look at this: according to this Roof changes his profile pic at 11:17 PM (May 21), yet according to another image taken off his site it says he did so at 12:17 AM (May 22).…/347576-the-only-comment-on-dylan…/ and Why would he upload the same image twice? Difference in time zone does not explain this.

    • Yes it does. The people who took the screenshots were one hour apart. Thus whole article is complete bullshit anyway. The picture on the left is the badly done Photoshop.

  • Jannie

    Kyk hoe lekker gesels die Afrikaners in Engels. Maar erg ja.

    Die bedrog van hierdie artikel is erger. Ek is regtig lys om ‘n kriminele klag van bedrog teen julle te lê, want julle het die Photoshopping gedoen en nou bedrieg julle mense daarmee. Skurke ja.

    • Koos

      “Ek is regtig lys” … as jy skrik, skrik dan net wakker drol…. CNN het die foto eerste op hulle webtuiste geplaas, so het al die media in SA gevolg en klippe gegooi na die Afrikaner, sonder om te dink of navorsing te doen oor die foto, en hier is jy wat “lys” is om ‘n klag te wil gaan lê oor jy dink hierdie artikel is bedrog?

      • Jannie

        Ag siestog Koos, maak jy nooit tikfoute nie? Om so te probeer verkleineer se dalk iets van jou algemene gesindheid as mens. Se my, gaan jy Sondae Kerk toe?

  • How do you know which photo is legit?

    • John Doe

      Yeah, this is all ridiculous.. It doesn’t make it any better that the grammar/literature is so terrible. The “true” picture that was posted above looks way more fake than the original. Also, anyone who looks into the details of the case would know that this man is not an advocate for “the American Democratic Party of Barack Obama.” That’s just tremendously ignorant.

      Why try to start an uprising on this site with some false information like this? It seems the author of this article is simply trying to get a rise in traffic or arguments. I would say shame on you, but I know you wouldn’t have the capacity to understand your own misdoings. Hopefully others don’t read this filth and think it’s accurate, although most comments above sadly appear that way.

      • At last, someone with a brain!

      • Vernon

        Hey buddy if you had any brain sells and any knowledge about technology you would see that how the jacket is faded and the old flags are new and shiny. You dont need a degree or any other evidence to see the jacket with the old flag is a fake and photo shopped… Go troll somewhere else

        • Travis

          Sorry to disappoint you, but the flags have not been photoshopped. Here are some more photographs of the racist pig wearing the jacket. Are you going to try and argue that these are photoshopped too?

  • Karl

    One incorrect fact in this article that leads me to think this might just be right wing propoganda from the old guard.

    “Despite the fact that the American media makes no mention of the old South Aafrican flag”

    That statement is incorrect, CNN, BBC and NBC & NY Times have all ran the same report that mentions the flags as “one from apartheid-era South Africa, the other from white-ruled Rhodesia”

  • “Front National South Africa started questioning the picture – something about those two badges were …”odd”. And suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the Facebook profile “disappeared”, but not before we got hold of the original “un-Photoshopped” picture.”

    The “un-Photoshopped” picture has clearly been altered from the original image on the right… The mismatched dark areas above and below the Obama logo make me wonder if this was hastily done in Microsoft Paint right before the writing of this article. And the fact that you replaced them with the Obama logo at all is almost ‘Scooby Doo’-level comical, like who could have expected THAT?

  • Leon Hall

    Kyk mense, ek wil ook nie he die klein etter moet die mooie oranje blanje blou dra niemaar die “Obama badge” is darem regtig kak opgeplak. Selfs ek sou dit in Powerpoint so kak kon doen. Seriaaass..

  • brentmckaskell

    It’s not Photoshopped. Why? Because the Photoshoppers would’ve photoshopped Nazi swastikas and other blatantly racist symbols onto his jacket rather than flags that, to most Americans, mean absolutely nothing. That alone is proof the flag patches are authentic and put there by Stormy himself. Simple logic, for anyone who can think straight.

  • Terry McCormick

    It’s Photoshopped without a question. Look at how “white” the Rhodesian and South African flags are compared to other white areas in the picture – shirt collar, sky, other badge. Bodge job and completely false.

    • Jon Harvey

      I am a cop in the USA and have spoken to some of my colleagues in Carolina. I’m sorry to report that this picture was not photoshopped, it’s the real thing. I suspect that the jacket he was wearing will show up as evidence in court during his trial. That should put all this speculation to rest.

  • ag mense, dis tog duidelik dat die sa en zim vlae op gesit is, waarom wil almal so graag he dat dit moet waar wees?

  • A very bad photoshop at that – noticed it straight away, see fold in jackets and badge on right, do not match at all – this dude is the patsy as was Adam Lanza – see Sandy Hook false flag, see Boston Bombing time lapse, this will shock you too the core!

    • Peter Stanton

      As a South African and a former Rhodesian I would like to comment on the “two flags” shown on the jacket of the person charged with murders of nine churchgoers in South Carolina. Firstly I offer my sympathies and condolences to the bereaved families and loved ones. The comment I wish to make is that it appears that concerted efforts are being made to besmirch the Afrikaner and Rhodesian for political and racial gain. In 1995 I was the close-protection officer to the late Correta Scott-King, the widow of Martin Luther King, and her family when they made a visit to South Africa in connection with the King Foundation and later attended the inauguration of President Nelson Mandela. I found Coretta Scott-King a most charming person and my brief connection to this historic family was a great event in my life. I enquired from the Head of the American Secret Service contingent how a local South African and Rhodesian had been allowed to undertake the duties that I had carried out. He advised me that my company and I had been thoroughly vetted beforehand. So to those persons who take great delight in condemning the Afrikaner and Rhodesia I say that you are barking up the wrong tree and I place you in the same category as the person who carried out the dastardly crimes in South Carolina. We are not all racists. The lady who publicly forgave the suspect is to be commended. Let the Law and Justice take its course.

  • To the author of this article: You may be an Afrikaner, but you are in no way a South African.
    If you would like to continue your racist nonsense, then I strongly suggest you get out of South Africa, and let us South Africans who choose to live together in peace and harmony exist in our country. The same goes for any other person who sees race as a point of separation.

    Our World is full of people who are so insecure in themselves that they use the colour of their skin as some kind of means to make themselves feel important. If we were all the same race, your insecurities would just find some other reason to practice hate.

    We have our problems in SA, just as every other country has their problems, but I envision the country of my birth, the place I call home, as a wonderful place. A place with diverse, beautiful, loving people. The more I hold that vision in my mind, the more I meet those people.

    Whether this picture is Photoshopped or not, I really don’t care. Actions speak much louder than words.
    To all my fellow South Africans who read this, I ask that you keep in your minds and your Hearts the vision of a country in peace and harmony. A country that sets an example to the rest of this planet of how we can all live together in joy.

    There is a saying that rings true: If you look for it, you will find it.
    I’m looking for Love. I’m looking for Peace. I’m looking for Joy and Harmony.

    Care to join me? 🙂

    • Beautifully said. Thank you Glenn Topping.

    • Laager

      You are actually living in La-La-Land if you actually believe the drivel you have just posted

    • Alex

      My thoughts exactly

    • Terry McCormick

      Dear Glenn, If you research the frequency of farm murders, car jackings, and all nature of violent crime in South Africa you may get a clearer idea of what is happening there. I have lost two close friends in separate incidents (both murdered – Lynne Hume and Les Dunlop) in South Africa and it is not as you describe. Love, peace, joy, harmony – we all wish. Face the facts and prepare yourself for what will only (sadly) get worse

      • Glenn can stick his fingers in his ears and scream la la la while whites are genocides by primitive beasts.

  • There are those who bring up the fact that this murderer Dylan Root was wearing a jacket with patches from (Apartheid) South Africa and Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe as a sign of RACISM. Yet, they do not mention the thousands of white farmers in those countries being massacred by the black tribes. Why is that?

    • Greg, the guy is a hardline racist and is wearing those badges as symbols of solidarity with racist governments past. Read his manifesto. He is a big fan of racial segregation. Like it or not, the old SA flag is a racist symbol. Just go look at the profiles of hundreds of members (from around the world) on the Stormfront forum who use it as their avatar.

  • Serabi

    He would have done better with the ANC emblem. More misery now than ever before. More black people are killed now than ever. The white people are just exterminated. Sick though!

  • Too bad about the attacks in South Africa on the right of the page of this article !!!!

  • Michael Pearman White

    He is NOT a South African. Always get your own facts. The media will always report what suits their liberal ideogy that way they can sell two more newspapers.

  • 46664

    You white people call them terrorist. We call them freedom fighters. That old South African is a insult and a reminder of the crime that you committed. So please Afrikaner shut up or go on hating all your life.


    Dylann Storm Roof was shown in the national media with a Confederate States of America license plate on June 18, the day which began with the breaking news that the US Supreme Court had upheld the ban on Confederate license plates by the state of Texas (as far as those plates being issued by the state itself). Coincidence?

    A “Texas Masons” license plate complete with the Square and Compass symbol, is officially issued by the Texas department of motor vehicles.

    Roof’s heinous killings occurred on the 33rd degree of north parallel latitude in Charleston, South Carolina, headquarters of the most powerful masonic body in the world, the Scottish Rite. Coincidence?

    Other news media have reported that Mr. Roof has in the past taken the psychotropic drug Xanax. (He was facing felony drug charges prior to the massacre he perpetrated). Was he drugged during his shooting spree? The Establishment media don’t ask, and they also don’t ask why he wasn’t tested for drugs or alcohol being present in his system when he was apprehended. Many other youths who initiated massacres (Kip Kinkle and the Columbine High killers for example) were under the influence of a hypnotic pharmaceutical drug when they committed their crimes.

    The New York Times issued a graph yesterday purporting to show that Black people are the chief victims of hate crimes in the United States, but these statistics are cooked. It is very difficult to have black on white crime officially listed as a hate crime. Such crimes are too often dismissed as non-racial, random violence.

    An inanimate object is taking some of the blame for the murders. If Roof had killed the nine Black people with an automobile would the media be filled with questions concerning “How did he get the car?” And “What can we do to keep cars out of the hands of people like Roof?” Certainly not. But because he killed with a gun that piece of iron is being scapegoated. Calls for “gun control” are simply a means for disarming poor people and people who do not have “connections.” Millionaires, lawyers, judges and the “connected” will always have gun permits, even in states with the tightest “gun control,” or they can afford bodyguards who will have the permits.

    The politically correct issues here are racism and gun control, and the suppressed issues are mind control pharmaceuticals and Manchurian candidates.

  • Hoekom is die bloody “boknaaiers” nou so stil?

  • dave

    You’re kidding right? Let’s take a long hard look at those photos and be honest about which one looks and is photoshopped and which isn’t. Talk about bendig reality to suit your agenda.
    And by the way, there’s no such thing as Rhodesians – that unrecognised state disappeared 45 years ago.

  • Alex

    1. No such thing as an ‘Obama badge’
    2. This is Photoshop not the original
    3. The person who did this is a racist and not that different from the Roof.
    4. Despicable

  • Investigative Journalism, Fair & Accurate Reporting and the Basics of our humanity ie, honesty & Integrity are long lost GLOBALLY – Now even though this is one big joke of a media FAIL across the board the only valuable lesson learned is YOU CANT TRUST EVERYTHING YOU READ !!! I just blown the pic up and the latest posted in ‘SouthAfricaToday’ is definitely photo-shopped whereas the original report on MIGHT have been photo-shopped. The latter being a ‘better job’ anyhow and the sick joke turned straight back to us in SA – pathetic!!!


    Fact remains: The OLD SA Flag (since 1924-1994) holds NO relation to APARTHEID that was instated by the THEN ruling government (1948-1991) What is the point of this ‘MEDIA FAIL’ ???

    • Maybe we should re-employ the old school journalist who lived by the ‘rules’ of accurate & fair reporting instead of allowing clearly uninformed and unequipped people to mislead the world and change the truth. Classic example of the ‘Monkey sees, Monkey does’

    • Travis

      The flags have NOT been photoshopped. Have a look at the photographs of the jacket in these pictures, and you’ll see the proof.

  • grumbles

    If this article is about getting the facts right, why the F*** do most of you people return to the age old argument of apartheid????? Look at the Apartheid South African flag…. There seems to be a British flag and an old Dutch flag…. Meaning almost all of those who introduced apartheid where descendants of Europeans who realised that with the help of European countries they could control it. Stop blaming white south Africans for the oppression caused by a selected few (obviously funded by the European and American hunger for the rich African diamonds and gold). Being a white Saffa with some kind of brain, I can admit that yes there are white racists as there are black and those who are privileged enough to have a mixture of both. If you are an ignorant fool, perhaps closing your mouth should be thought about as an option. It might help you look slightly more intelligent than a peanut.

    • still gumbling

      Death is Death. Murder is murder regardless of reasons, beliefs or stupid excuses.just believe the is a killer. end of

  • James

    The shot is genuine, several image have surfaced showing him wearing the jacked with all the camera metadata still in tact. One was even taken in a mirror showing the camera that corresponds with the data on the image. Who ever did this should be ashamed of themselves. Why spread a lie like this? To protect who?

  • What a load of garbage. His personal website was He was a full blown racist in word and action. You really think he’d be wearing an Obama logo?

  • Sue

    So when is the owner of this site going to apologise for spreading the crazy, paranoid rumour that the flags were photoshopped onto the jacket? Clearly, they’re real, as can be seen from, as other commentators have pointed out. Come on,let’s see your apology!

  • Donovan

    I would rather be told the deaths were not real (photoshopped) than the badges. Does it therefore justify the killing of innocent people? Killing for fun and we digress from the real issue of mass murder to a piece of art on a jacket. In all honesty, have all the Ex-Rhodies & apartheid South Africans transformed and embraced all humans as their equals? Oh!How pathetic for the author to make such sick allegations.

  • Mike

    The Gold’s Gym tee shirt was photoshopped!

  • Robbie

    The only reason why liberals are alive is that it is illegal to kill them !!
    The only reason why certain blacks are a problem in society is because they allowed white liberals to think for them.

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