Cabinet condemns SAA leaks

Cabinet condemns SAA leaks
SAA rotten with corruption - image - Die Vryburger

Cabinet has condemned the leak of a Cabinet Memo proposing options for the recapitalization of South African Airways (SAA).

“A Cabinet Memo is a classified document and leaking it contravenes government’s information security framework, the Minimum Information Security Standards,” Cabinet said.

Cabinet said it has tasked the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster to investigate the leak of classified information and calls for the relevant punitive measures to be applied to those responsible.

Investigation into IFMS programme’s irregularities

Cabinet noted that National Treasury is overseeing a forensic investigation into alleged irregularities in the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) programme.

Cabinet commended National Treasury for its robust internal audit controls, which identified irregular expenditure.

“[Cabinet] trusts that the appropriate lessons will be learned with respect to the challenges experienced, and any deliberate wrongdoing or negligence will be identified and the parties held accountable. Cabinet has full confidence in the institutional strength of National Treasury and its custodianship of public finances,” Cabinet said in a statement.

Cabinet also expressed faith in the IFMS programme’s implementing agencies – National Treasury, the Department of Public Service and Administration, and the State Information Technology Agency – to implement the project successfully.

Cabinet further welcomed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Flanders on the promotion of the Social Economy in South Africa.

The New Growth Path economic strategy adopted in 2010 identified the social economy as one of 10 job drivers.

In terms of the MoU, the Minister of Economic Development will work in partnership with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Government of Flanders to document successful examples of social enterprises, and will engage local stakeholders on the development of a policy framework to consolidate and strengthen work on the social economy.

Flanders will also partner with the Department of Environmental Affairs in a project on climate change and the green economy, which will focus on adaptation strategies.

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