Brutal double murder of security guards

Brutal double murder of security guards

Pietermaritzburg – Police are hunting for two men believed to be behind the brutal double murder of security guards in Mountain Rise on Wednesday night.

It is believed the guards, employed by two top Pietermaritzburg security companies, were stationed at the Kalamazoo Coach Lines bus parking lot when they were attacked by men carrying knives.

According to Pietermaritzburg police spokesperson Mthokozisi Ngobese, one of the guards, Thulani Hlongwane, 36, who is employed by Ilanga Security, was stationed at the large sliding gate at the entrance of the lot when the two men entered the property.

The men allegedly charged at Hlongwane and stabbed him repeatedly in the chest before he had the chance to draw his firearm.

At the time of the stabbing, it is ­believed that the second guard, employed by Tigerforce Security and known only as Dumakude, was standing further inside the large lot and fled towards a stack of tyres.

The killers used Hlongwane’s firearm and fired a bullet at Dumakude.

The men missed their target and then chased after the guard, eventually catching up to him among the piles of bus tyres scattered on the ground.

The men then attacked Dumakude with a knife, stabbing him repeatedly in the chest, face, neck and arm.

According to police sources, Dumakude is believed to have put up a struggle, trying to push the men off him as indicated by minor wounds on his hands and fingers. The men then fled with Hlongwane’s firearm.

When police arrived on the scene, Hlongwane’s body lay near the gate in a pool of blood.

According to police sources, Mountain Rise officers and members of the K9 unit searched the vicinity for Dumakude but were unsuccessful.

“It was pitch dark out there. We searched for hours but we could not find him. According to information we received, we thought he had fled the area,” a police source said.

Police returned to the scene early on Thursday morning and resumed the search for Dumakude.

Officers eventually found his battered body amid the stacks of tyres.

When The Witness arrived at the scene, the forensics team had completed their analysis and Dumakude’s body was taken to a mortuary van.

One officer was seen picking up a bloodied serrated kitchen knife from the area where Dumakude’s body was found.

A police source said the knife is believed to be the murder weapon.

Members of Dumakude’s family rushed to the parking lot and hovered around his body, sobbing softly as his body was taken away.

Ilanga Security boss Shameel Ally described Hlongwane as “very dedicated”.

“Hlongwane was only with us for two years and had been stationed at Kalamazoo for about three months.

“We are very saddened. This shows the level of criminality in our society and the brazen nature of these attackers,” he said.

Tigerforce Security director Faizal Khan said Dumakude was “a good man”.

“We never had any problems with him even though he had only been with us for about six months. He was a regular guy,” he said.

Kalamazoo Coach Lines owner Faizel Bhayla said he was unable to comment as he was out of town at the time of the incident and was unaware of the facts surrounding the case.

Security Association of South Africa (Sasa) administrator Tony Botes said the organisation was unaware of the incident, but added: “We are always deeply saddened to hear of any tragic news where people have lost their lives, particularly those working within our very own security fraternity.”

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