British businessman tells of South African prison rape that left him HIV positive

Businessman tells of South African prison rape that left him HIV positive. Smith contracted HIV after being repeatedly gang raped. Sean Smith, a business partner of rugby star Gareth Thomas, said he was attacked up to eight times a day during his 19-month stay in St Alban’s jail after his arrest on suspicion of a multi-million-pound fraud.

The 42-year-old, was targeted in a cell he shared with 90 inmates in 2007.

‘They did it not just as part of gang dominance but in my case it was showing supremacy over a white man – I was the only one there,’ he said.

‘It went on for months – there wasn’t much left of me by then anyway… I was pretty much a skeleton.’

After nine months in the jail 30km (17 miles) out of Port Elizabeth, Mr Smith tested positive for HIV.

‘At that point I didn’t give a damn, I was broken, I was broken physically, mentally, I had nothing left I had no spirit at all so I didn’t care,’ he added.

After being granted bail, Mr Smith, from Glamorgan, South Wales, hid in the boot of a British High Commission car and crossed into Lesotho…