Bloodbath after Bedford mall robbery

Bloodbath after Bedford mall robbery
Armed robbery at the Bedford Mall in Johannesburg, South Africa

Seven people including two alleged robbers were injured on Thursday in an armed robbery at the Bedford Mall in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“Three shoppers, two security guards and two suspects were injured during the shooting. Everyone was taken to hospital for treatment “said Lieutenant Colonel Katlego Mogale a police spokesman.

According to Mogale, security guards were busy offloading cash in the shopping center when they were attacked by a group of armed robbers. “A shootout erupted and some shoppers were caught in the crossfire. An unknown amount of cash was stolen.”

Emer-G-Med said two injured people were found in the pharmacy. The one person was hit in the head, stomach and arm. The other person, a security guard was shot in the arm. “Both were in a critical but stable condition.”

According to Emer-G-Med the other security guard was shot in the foot and arm in the underground parking area. “There were shots fired while paramedics were treating the patients. One of the suspects was shot in the leg and tried to get away. He was found in the underground parking area.”

Renate Albrecht, an eyewitness told eNCA she was in a meeting when she heard a “rush of people coming. We turned around and heard gunshots. My partner and I started running. The shots came from inside the center and it sounded as if it got louder or followed us.”

Albrecht and her partner ran to her car where they hid themselves. According to Albrecht people ran in all directions.


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