Big damage due to weather

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Big damage due to weather
Big damage due to weather - Image - Die Vryburger

While large portions of especially the northern parts of the country are delighted with the excellent rain that has fallen recently, significant damage has also been reported.

Hail and storms have already caused significant damage.

Between Ermelo and Sheepmoor, many farmers suffered massive damage from hail. One of them is TAU SA Deputy President and Security Chairperson, Mr. Henry Geldenhuys. Its whole soya and maize crops were destroyed.

Big damage due to weather – Image – Die Vryburger

By the Vaaldam it was confirmed that a tornado was raging and caused significant damage. Trees are uprooted, crops destroyed and the roofs of houses and stores are severely damaged.

Meanwhile, the Western Cape, where the drought could not be broken during the rainy season, is experiencing a heat wave that places further pressure on the available water resources.

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