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Big Bad Apartheid
Big Bad Apartheid - Image - Nagarjun Kandukuru Flickr Page

“The suffering under Apartheid was terrible”, they shout from the rooftops. Every black in South Africa claims to have been wronged by Apartheid; even youngsters like Malema.

Front National, with our policy of self-determination, is often accused of yearning back to Apartheid. That is a malicious statement. Our policy is based on our own heritage, culture, language and religion.

What was the effects of the Group Areas Act, the Mixed Amenities Act, the Mixed Marriages Act on black people? Listening to the rhetoric from Zuma, Mantashe and Malema millions of blacks were affected negatively and treated as second-class citizens. That is true in some instances, but never on the scale now propagated as the truth.

• Take the Group Areas Act. Today it is accepted as truth that close to three million people were forcibly removed by die Apartheid government and blacks can all tell horror tales about the bulldozers coming in to destroy their homes. The real truth is that in the 35 years the act existed, from Act 41 of 1950 to 1985, only 2418 white, 83691 coloured and 40067 Indian families were moved to consolidate black homelands. In total 126176 families (including blacks) were relocated to other areas.

Big Bad Apartheid - Image - Front National
Big Bad Apartheid – Image – Front National

• Blacks tell with great conviction how they had been humiliated by separate entrances in government buildings with “white only” signs. Prime Minister John Vorster already announced in January 1975 that facilities would be open for all communities. The act, Act 49 of 1953, was thus in force for about 22 years – and nobody under the age of 40 can now claim to have been affected by “whites only” signs or can claim that he or she had ever seen one except in a museum.

• Much is made of the Maori-speech of Dr Verwoerd in 1961, and the d’Oliviera speech of John Vorster in 1968 regarding mixed sport. The fact is that the Apartheid government in 1983 already abolished the idea of segregated sport by adopting “that any sportsman or sportswoman in South Africa, irrespective of population group, may play for the same club, provincial or national team”.

• The Mixed Marriages Act was, in one form or another, present from 1685. It was amended in 1902 and again in 1927. The only figures available is from a 1939 commission of enquiry showing that since 1925 less than 1% of all marriages were racially mixed, including those between Coloured and black, and that it had decreased to less than 4 per 1000, rendering the Act unnecessary. It was thus not enforced since PW Botha’s interview with the BBC in 1979.

• As far as education was concerned, the Apartheid government’s policy was “the same core syllabus must be used and university entrance standards must be the same”. This was foiled, not because of sub-standard education, but because only 1,4% of black schoolchildren could pass matric on that standard. In 1983 only 954 blacks could achieve “university entrance standards” and 1255 were refused entry. Of these entrees the drop-out rate at universities still amounted to between 36,6% and 48% per year.

The above statistics are not quoted in any way to apologize for the Apartheid government. These statistics are quoted from the Anti-Apartheid movement’s own sources in “The Apartheid Handbook” by Roger Omond in London.

As stated earlier; Front National is fighting for self-determination, NOT for a return to Apartheid – but we refuse to be bogged down by the ANC-bogeyman of Apartheid as far as any white politics are concerned. We reject the ANC, EFF and DA’s inflated figures about Apartheid and the supposed guilt of the white man. We have a legitimate claim and no amount of Apartheid and racism shouting will deter us.

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