Barbaric torture, rape and murder in South African farm attacks

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Barbaric torture, rape and murder in South African farm attacks
Barbaric torture, rape and murder in South African farm attacks. Photo: FNSA

Denialists, liberals, ANC Ministers and Commissioners of Police all try to argue the same thing: Farm attacks on white farmers in South Africa is simply part of an escalating crime wave in the country. It is just a form of violence, nothing more. White farmers are not being targeted for racial or political reasons.

Cyril Ramaphosa takes it even further, he says it doesn’t happen. Common sense and more than two active brain cells will tell you that this reasoning is a blatant, deceitful attempt at covering up what it is really about.

In most cases vehicles and firearms are stolen. It is remarkable in how many cases the vehicle is left behind within 10km from the farm. Why? Why would you steal a vehicle, get clean away and leave it behind? Unless stealing the vehicle was not the purpose.

In many cases the victims are tied up or brutally murdered and discovered only hours later. Which means the “robbers” have access to anything they want to steal and even the luxury of loading it onto a stolen truck or bakkie and transporting it way beyond reach of the police. Yet, valuables are left behind.

The most revealing in almost all cases is the brutal torture of the victims, both physically and mentally. Children who are forced to watch their parents being tortured and assaulted as in the Uys-attack over this weekend where Ludwig Uys’ knees were both smashed with a crowbar in the presence of his three children, all under the age of 10.

There are cases where farmers are forced to watch their wives and daughters being raped.

A real robber, burglar or thief will rather observe and break into the house when nobody is home. And if indeed a group of robbers overpower the people inside the house and tie them up, why spend so much time on the crime scene torturing them?

The victims, in the majority of cases, are not even acquainted to the attackers. Why then would they torture these victims by burning them with hot irons, blow torches and metal objects, or tying them behind a vehicle and dragging them all around the farmyard?

Why, in some cases, would they grotesquely defile and mutilate the dead bodies of victims? Why is this so similar to what we have seen happening in Angola, Kenya and elsewhere immediately after black majority government? And in those cases it was universally accepted as barbaric terrorism against white people for being white.

What is the driving force behind this modus operandi?

There can be only one logical explanation, to dehumanize the victim in order to justify the deed. And the one thing that the vast majority of these victims have in common is this: They are white. Linking that to black political leaders talking of “settlers, pink pigs, thieves, oppressors” (all of these being nouns, instead of “human words” like “white people”, and the singing of “Kill the Boer” – and suddenly it makes a lot of sense.

Front National does not accept the arguments of the denialists, the liberals and the terrorists in government who tries to sell this to the world as a manifestation of crime. Common sense tells you the truth – it is a racially motivated political crime aimed directly at a vulnerable group of people in our society. There is no need for any other explanation.

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