Bankrupt Denel frustrating employees

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Bankrupt Denel frustrating employees
Bankrupt Denel frustrating employees. Photo: Die Vryburger

Since Denel failed to pay its employees salaries in full, employees’ negative attitude has increased. Although the salaries were ultimately paid in full, it appears that pension contributions have not been paid in full and can have serious consequences for all of their workers.

The shortage of funds has also meant that no salary increases could be granted, and this further increased many workers’ negative attitudes.

Unconfirmed reports say that Denel, who was able to pay last month’s salaries through an “unknown banker”, will again struggle to reimburse his staff in July 2019.

It seems that Denel has failed to make a long-term arrangement with bankers, or the bankers are not very willing to provide further assistance to the shaky entity.

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