Australia holds protest against farm attacks and expropriation

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Australia holds protest against farm attacks and expropriation
Australia holds protest against farm attacks and expropriation. Photo: Maroela Media

More than 3000 protesters came together against farm attacks, farm murders and expropriation of land without compensation in Perth, Australia. The gathering was also in support of Australia’s proposal to speed up visa applications for white South African farmers.

This after Peter Dutton, the Australian home affairs minister, created awareness of how South Africans and especially farmers were being targeted. And who also had called for the process to be speeded up.

A memorandum was handed over to the Australian government which also thanked them for these efforts. The memorandum also highlighted the plight of all South Africans including all communities that are suffering under the high crime rate including those in informal settlements and the high crime rate against women and children. The memorandum includes proposals as to how South African families can immigrate under the threat of expropriation without compensation.

Fraser Anning, an Australian senator also posted pictures of the march on Facebook and said that the march was against the “Volksmoord in Suid Afrika” and “white South Africans will not be made quite”

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