ATM bombers escape empty-handed after wounding cop

ATM bombers escape empty-handed after wounding cop

Durban – A gang of ATM bombers escaped empty-handed in Stanger on Tuesday night, but not before wounding a KwaZulu-Natal policewoman in a hail of bullets.

It emerged that the ten-strong gang, who were apparently armed with high-calibre assault rifles, were unable to detonate explosive charges in the ATM gallery.

Two independent police sources with knowledge of the investigation, who could not be named as they are not authorised to speak to the media, confirmed that the gang escaped with nothing.

The sources confirmed that the explosives were left in the gallery and had to be removed by police bomb technicians.

The scene was abuzz with activity on Wednesday morning, with forensic investigators combing the ATM hall for evidence.

It is understood that a private security guard noticed a suspicious vehicle and when he went to investigate, was accosted by the gang who beat him, before stripping him of his gun and bulletproof vest.

When police responded, they came under fire. The female officer was rushed to the Stanger Hospital, which is less than a kilometre from the scene of the crime.

This follows a similar incident two weeks ago in which a group of robbers tunnelled through a wall at a bank in Pinetown, escaping with hundreds of thousands of rands.

Source – News24

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