Arrested, assaulted for hours and jailed

Arrested, assaulted for hours and jailed

In the early hours of Saturday February 14, 2015 I was arrested on the FALSE charges of drunken driving, blood tests later showed “No Ethanol/Alcohol present in blood.” However with no proof I was arrested, assaulted for hours and jailed. During that time I was hit and kicked.

Lana-Stander-police-brutality-1On return to the police station they did not take me to the cells but restrained me to the point that my wrists were bleeding and left me in the car while they slept. I am an epilepsy sufferer and 2 witnesses later gave details of the following account.

I had an epileptic seizure in the back of the police van, when the police officers saw me they dragged we out of the van by my ankles and dropped me on the ground, upon witnessing the seizure I was having they mocked me, started to dance around me and toi-toi.

Please share this with everyone you know and get the message out there. I attach photos of a few of my injuries.

By Lana Stander


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