Armed cash in transit robbers meet their match

Armed cash in transit robbers meet their match

Ermelo – Swift reaction by police and Acsu has led to the arrest of three armed cash in transit robbers on Wednesday morning. A fourth suspect managed to flee but police expect to make an arrest soon.

Police spokesperson Captain Carla Prinsloo said the robbers struck at a filling station in town and robbed a G-Force cash in transit vehicle while cash boxes were being loaded by security guards . The robbers fired several shots before making a getaway but no one was injured.

Acsu and police responded within seconds and minutes later with Acsu hot on their heels, the getaway vehicle, a silver Golf Gti with a Gauteng registration number plate was headed off by police scarcely 2km further on the De Emigratie Road opposite the Pick n Pay.

The robbers attempted to make a second getaway and crashed into a waste bin. Shots were exchanged and three of the robbers were apprehended and taken into custody.

A firearm was also recovered…

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