Apparently South Africa has no shortage in money to waste

Apparently South Africa has no shortage in money to waste
President Zuma reshuffles cabinet

South Africa might be lacking in electricity supply, in jobs, in basic health care, in safety and security and most definitely seriously lacking in honest politicians and leadership, but two things we apparently have in abundance: crime and money to waste (even if that money is not ours!)

South African president, Jacob Zuma, flatly ignored a recommendation of the Independent Commission for the Renumeration of Public Office Bearers that no salary increase should be considered for politicians who earn upwards of R1 million per annum and that those who should get an increase should be renumerated on a sliding scale. He just increased salaries, including his own, across the board with at least 5%. Why? Because he can.

In comparison we find that he now ranks amongst the best paid politicians in the world – in some cases earning substantially more than First world countries with higher populations and more taxpayers.

Rather understandably that South Africans are growing poorer and poorer by the day. Rather understandably that the hungry masses are starting to become uneasy. Frightening to think that, when they ask who is to blame, the true culprit says: “The white man – bring my machine gun.”

The president’s 5% salary increase means that he now earns R 2 622 561-00 per annum – BACKDATED to 1 April 2012! As if this is not enough, all the perks going with his salary run into a staggering amount. Some of these include maintenance of private vehicles (R1 835 792-00 p/a), support for his numerous spouses (R 15 517 500-00 p/a) Overseas allowances (R25 400-00). There are many more.

And of course the fact that the upgrades to his private residence at Nkandla exceeded his annual salary by 9,380%!

All in all, Jacob Zuma costs this country R102 829 072-00 per annum.

Breaking it down it looks like this:
Five years: R514 145 362-00
One year: R102 829 072-00
One month: R 8 569 089-00
One week: R1 977 482-00
One day: R282 497-00
One hour: R11770-00
One minute: R196-00

The cost of maintaining the ANC Cabinet for one year, in terms of salaries alone (no benefits calculated here!)is in the region of R143 000 000-00.

In order to put this grotesque picture of waste and opulence into perspective: The average, median, ANC voting South African earned a salary of R2800-00 per year in 2014– that is R500 per month LESS than the cell phone allowance of the mayor of Johannesburg.

So just please explain to me how the white minority and/or apartheid is to blame for poverty? Certainly Zuma and his henchmen are not poor…


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