Another foul and unacceptable quarantine facility, AfriForum gets involved


Another foul and unacceptable quarantine facility, AfriForum gets involved
Another foul and unacceptable quarantine facility, AfriForum gets involved. Photo: Pixabay

AfriForum has just sent an urgent lawyer’s letter to the relevant authorities on behalf of a group of South Africans currently being quarantined at the Peermont Metcourt Hotel at Emperors Palace. The group has been told that they will have to stay in quarantine at the hotel for the next 14 days, despite regulations published on 17 July 2020, allowing the option of self-isolation.

The group has serious complaints about conditions at the hotel and AfriForum requests that they be allowed to isolate themselves, or that if they prefer to stay in quarantine in a state facility that they be housed in a facility that complies with the required safety and hygiene standards.

According to Sue-Ann de Wet, AfriForum’s Manager of Diaspora Liaison, complaints received by AfriForum include that:

Rooms and bedding are dirty;
No cleaning products for rooms have been provided;
Bloodstains appear on bed linen;
No laundry service is provided;
Insects were found in the bedding;
Meals are provided irregularly. For example, on 20 July breakfast was served at 08:00 and lunch at 16:00, which left especially the children and the elderly extremely hungry and anxious;
Food quality is questionable;
Communication is discourteous;
The response to questions is received late or not at all;
Announcements via intercom are often inaudible;
Electrical equipment such as hair dryers and television sets are not in a working order;
Uncertainty prevails over safety measures after a person in the facility apparently tested positive.

“The fact that people are still exposed to these conditions while legal provision has now been made for self-isolation is unacceptable and AfriForum will do everything possible to ensure that the rights of the repatriated South Africans are protected,” says De Wet.

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