Anika Smit inquest: vampire party guests ‘drew blood and drank it’

Guests at a Pretoria North school party were welcomed with blood shooters, according to a young man being questioned at an inquest into the murder of fellow pupil Anika Smit, whose hands were also chopped off.

“Everybody that walked through the door [got a shooter of blood],” he said matter-of-factly.

Prosecutor Tania Carstens said that if anybody gave her a shooter glass containing what looked like blood, all sorts of things would go through her mind, including “what is it?’ and the thought of HIV/Aids.

“I was young and stupid,” he said.

Carstens asked: “So it was just, ‘welcome here’ and swallow?”

“Yes,” he said.

The court has ordered that none of the witnesses be named.

‘What the hell am I doing?’

Earlier she asked him what had gone through his mind when he drank it and he replied, “What the hell am I doing?”

At the party he saw people drawing blood with syringes.

“They drew blood then drank it. It was possible that it was human blood,” he said in reply to Carstens’s questions.

Apart from that, the usual party refreshments such as alcohol were available.

He could not remember who invited him to the party, but had said that it was a vampiric party.

The court heard earlier that he became friends with a group of boys at his high school who were interested in the occult, because they protected him from bullies. If anyone picked on him with his slight frame, the boys would assist him and the bullies would back off.

One in the group described himself as a Satanist.

He said the party he had described was more a show by his occult friends, and had nothing to do with initiation rituals that he had had nothing to do with.

He repeated that a message his girlfriend sent him to “get rid of someone”, and him writing to a friend with the Mxit name “Satan’s Eyes” for spells, was just him and his girlfriend being young and stupid.

That message was about a man upsetting his girlfriend.

The court moved on to his interest in snakes and spiders. He said he developed an interest in snakes from watching programmes on television and had learnt about snakes from a well-known herpetologist. The snakes were mentioned because police found a scalpel at his home, which he said was used for dissecting the snakes.

Source: News24

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