Anika inquest: Sometimes ‘Vampire’ said he was a monster – girlfriend

Anika inquest: Sometimes ‘Vampire’ said he was a monster – girlfriend
Anika Smit

Dressed in a red top and black leggings, the young woman testifying in the Pretoria North Magistrate’s Court at the inquest into the murder of schoolgirl Anika Smit five years ago is apprehensive.

With dark rings under her eyes, she starts crying softly, her voice breaking, saying she doesn’t want to testify because of stress.

Magistrate Pierre Wessels tries to reassure her, saying gently he has also had to testify before and understood how stressed she must feel, adding that he would do his best to protect her.

“I didn’t even know the person,” she said, wiping her eyes.

“I saw her a few times at school, but I did not know her.”

Dabbling in the occult

The questions are being put to her as the girlfriend of a man suggested to have been dabbling in the occult at the time of Anika’s murder.

They are being posed by the lawyer of Nico Venter – one of the first suspects and Smit’s then boyfriend. Venter, against whom charges have been withdrawn, is in court with his family.

She starts by describing her boyfriend of almost nine years as hard on the outside, but soft on the inside.

“Sometimes he said he was a monster, sometimes he said he was something, but it was all a front. He was bullied at school,” she says.

An order of the court states that the witness cannot be named.

On Tuesday the court heard that she and her boyfriend, who called himself “Vampire” on Mxit, were inseparable. He would go to her house after school and, according to “Vampire’s” sister, she had been a good influence on him.

Smit’s father Johan, sits quietly next to his own attorney, Willem Koekemoer, who will also put questions to the girl in the red shirt whose own Mxit name was “Penguin”.

Anika’s hands chopped off

It was Johan who found his daughter’s body, having left her at home in Therese Park, Pretoria North, for the day so that she could recover from an ear infection.

In addition to trying to establish who cut Anika’s throat and raped her, the inquest also hopes to finally find out what happened to Anika’s chopped off hands.

On Tuesday, great emphasis was placed on whether “Vampire” had dabbled in any devil worship.

A book of spells was apparently found at his house, but “Vampire’s” mother denied that photographs on his phone showing a man with blood around his mouth was him.

The handsome and slender “Vampire” was seen outside the court waiting for his turn in the witness box.

Source: News24

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