Andile raises an interesting point or two

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Andile raises an interesting point or two
Andile raises an interesting point or two. Photo: Front National SA

The outspoken leader of the Black land First (BLF) movement wrote an open letter to Cyril Ramaphosa and Julius Malema in which he challenged them to “tell the truth” about their expropriation of land without compensation promise.

Andile Mngxitama accuses the two of having no plan to push through the amendment to section 25 of the constitution to legalize expropriation without compensation before the 2019 election because they never intended for it to happen. He says it is merely a political scheme to get votes.

He bases this accusation on the fact that the final report on the public participation process was supposed to be tabled by the end of August. The submission date was then postponed to the end of September and for a third time to an undetermined date in future. Mngxitama questions the necessity of the entire public participation process. He argues that the ANC and the EFF together have more than a two thirds majority in Parliament. The easy and very legal way would have been to draft a Bill amending section 25 to allow expropriation without compensation and put it to a vote in Parliament. No process of public participation.

These are certainly two interesting points. Front National is also wondering why the final report just doesn’t come to light. After all, we know by now that the written submissions before the public meetings indicated a majority opinion AGAINST the amendment.

As far as we are concerned the conduct and delaying tactics does not indicate a reluctance to pass the amendment. It indicates that both Ramaphosa and Malema overestimated the public reaction to the plan. They did not count on the fact that the supporters of the plan would not participate in the public participation process to the extend they expected them to do. They now have to make plans on how to bypass the fact that there is so much opposition to the plan.

In some way or the other they will pass the amendment. Of that we have no doubt. Andile is wrong in thinking that they have no plan to do so. The interesting thing will be to see HOW they plan to do it and how they plan to limit the damage to their own positions. And in that Andile might be right – if they can stall this process until after the election, they have four more years to cook up a plan!

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