And another one admits to meeting with the Guptas

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And another one admits to meeting with the Guptas. Photo: Die Vryburger
And another one admits to meeting with the Guptas. Photo: Die Vryburger

We can’t help to think back about how very upset some people were when Front National said: “Pravin Gordhan is still an ANC man, he was still involved in the gruesome terror of their so called “struggle” and he was elected as a Zuma member of cabinet. We don’t trust him.”

In the same naïve way in which people trusted De Klerk and Mandela, and are now paying the price for that, they were prepared to trust Pravin Gordhan. “Gordhan should become president! He is the only honest one there!” someone wrote on this page and then left.

And now, eventually, the truth of what we have been saying surfaces: In a leaked sworn affidavit Gordhan admits to having meetings and social interaction with the Guptas during his period as cabinet minister under Zuma. On top of that, he is apparently furious about this information leaking out.

Once again we say: The African national Congress is in essence a communist organization. No ANC man who took part in their “struggle” ever bothered about the welfare of the white minority in South Africa. For them it has always been a question of getting hold of white property, white achievement and white progress. And if the white man can be used to their own benefit and then discarded, well, why not?

We experienced that with Mandela and Mbeki who started referring to the white minority as “settlers.” We experienced that with Zuma when he started looting those enterprises and parastatals such as SAA, SABC, Eskom and Denel which was founded and developed by the white man. We experience that under Cyril Ramaphosa with his expropriation plan.

And still we have white South Africans prepared to trust the next old ANC man who comes by with smooth talking and sweet words. How gullible we are!

“Oh yes, but he is a businessman, he’ll know better” they said about Ramaphosa. Well, he is still a communist and an old ANC struggler. And he did more harm in 11 months than Zuma could in 7 years!

“Oh yes but he is a businessman and not involved in Zuma’s corruption” they said about Gordhan. Well, there it is. He also met with the Guptas.

“Oh yes, but he changed his mind and thinks differently” they say about Terror Lekota. Well, he clearly said as late as October last year: “I am still an ANC man” and then he quoted from the Freedom Charter in his Parliamentary speech two weeks ago.

No, Front National learned our lesson a long, long time ago.

You never trust anybody who had any ties or involvement with the ANC EVER! You support your own people, because your own people have an understanding of your needs and convictions. Don’t keep repeating your mistakes – it eventually becomes a way of life!

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