ANC makes everyone poor

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ANC makes everyone poor
Adv. Anton Alberts - Image - Die Vryburger

Two equal evils, poverty and inequality lie at the root of South Africa’s economic problems. Both should be treated equally. If the focus is only on inequality, it will create an economy where everyone is equally poor, except the elite which holds power, said adv. Anton Alberts, chairman of the FF Plus.

Adv. Alberts said in the parliamentary debate on economic growth and a transformation model to combat unemployment, poverty, and inequality, if only focusing on inequality, a country would look like Zimbabwe, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, the former Eastern Bloc and the Soviet Union.

He said if focusing on the problem of poverty, the realization will underline the need for a strategy that will make the economy grow with accompanying job creation. In this way, people are lifted in a dignified manner and are no longer dependent on government assistance.

“Over time, as the middle class grows, the inequality problem also decreases, and the problem gets smaller. There are many examples in the laboratory of history where the emphasis on economic growth has raised many people out of poverty: Europe, especially Eastern Europe to the Cold War, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and recently, China and Mauritius.”

“These countries have embraced a free market and entrepreneurship, and have been responsible for their fiscal and monetary policies. Not only is it focused on inequality, but it is ensured that an environment is created that stimulates business growth without unnecessary interference by government.”

“Unfortunately, the ANC government emphasizes the extinction of inequality and not on economic growth, and we are now beginning to reap the benefits in the form of virtually no economic growth, job losses, downgrades and ultimately the increase of inequality.”

“What the ANC government is doing now is to make us all poorer, and if the trend continues, everyone will soon be equally poor.”

“The only way to get rid of this is to ensure quality education and healthcare, less government interference in the business and race to recover the economy. To achieve this, however, there should be a new government that cares, who is professional, is not discriminating and not hijacked.”

“The question is whether the ANC government’s introspection will see this and act on these facts? It’s a question that can only answer you, but be warned that the voters are watching you with hawks eyes,” said Adv. Alberts.

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